By: Myria Key Through pain you find strength Strength in which helps bear the pain Somehow searching for tangible things To ease the pain After a while those things don’t even numb the pain So where do you find strength? Some may find it from God up above Or Does the strength come from the … More Strength

Tap Inwardly

Poetry by: Myria Key Let your soul do the talking Let your mind take a break Don’t focus on the problems Stop letting the pain get the best of you Let your heart feel again Break the ice that’s surrounding it Let love heat it up Your perceptions is what brings you life or death … More Tap Inwardly

Life Goes On

I am here. I am alive. I am at peace. I am at a good place finally. It’s not that I have come across a large sum of money or discovered something magnificent . It’s just that finally I am free. I am at a place where I am subconsciously changing thoughts of victimhood and … More Life Goes On

Could you

By: Myria Key Could you Explore my soul Capture my essence Embrace my beauty And see there’s more than my outside that makes me whole. Wanting to STAND OUT in a world begging you to fit in My mind is silent But my dreams are loud There’s nothing much to say when your focused on … More Could you

Living Life

Poetry By: Myria Key   Living Life like there’s no tomorrow because tomorrow may never come. Learning to appreciate the simple things like the rising of the sun. Keeping the bigger picture in perspective so I don’t slip up and lose my perception. Realizing that I’ve already lost a lot so there’s nothing left to … More Living Life

Body Shaming Boyfriend Gets Dumped After Telling Girlfriend She Has A Beer Gut

    Normally in relationships your partner is suppose to be there to uplift and encourage you.  There is suppose to be a love that is without judgement. However, for Shelby Johnson she received just the opposite of that when her partner sent a series of text describing his unhappiness about her stomach.  Which in … More Body Shaming Boyfriend Gets Dumped After Telling Girlfriend She Has A Beer Gut