Sunday Thoughts

Is there any one out there to talk to? How can we have billions of people and still feel alone? Where's the connection? Is it the lack of communication? Where is the compassion that once belonged?


10 Quotes To Keep You Motivated In Change

Change is a beautiful thing. Sometimes, there can be push back or hesitation in changing or accepting change. Either way though, learning to  persevere  through that discomfort can help you to finally make the changes that you have always been seeking in your life. There are multiple reasons why we may not change or take … Continue reading 10 Quotes To Keep You Motivated In Change

Looking inside of you instead of outside of you

Don't be so caught up in what you need to obtain physically, that you miss out on what the universe really wants for you. Instead, think about what you need to do to change the inside. The inside is where your most precious assets lies. We are under the impression that having things will change … Continue reading Looking inside of you instead of outside of you

How to learn to be more grateful

Rocky roads, uphill mountains, over the woods it seems as though that's where life takes us. Just figuratively speaking. In those moments is when we could begin to focus more on the problem(s) or what we don't have. In comparison to thinking about being grateful, in other words thankful for what we do have. I, … Continue reading How to learn to be more grateful

Young souls

By:myria key Today was a good day Laughter Growth Reflection Looking at young souls Going crazy over candy While enjoying the simplicity of one another's company No complaints No negativity Pure gratefulness even just for the sweetness of a cookie O what young souls full of life Full of boundless energy Be young souls be … Continue reading Young souls

In the moment

Sometimes you just have to let certain people and situations go that you don't have control over. Verses waiting for them to do it, you must decide what it is you want for yourself. Realizing no matter what you want for someone else it will never manifest if they don't want it for themselves. But … Continue reading In the moment