Your True Self

    You are an amazing being. Just think about all the things you've been through yet your still standing. Look back on all the times that you felt like giving up but you persisted. When you didn't even have the strength to get out of bed yet you did. You persevere each day even … Continue reading Your True Self


Detached Soul

Poetry By: Myria     Souls aimlessly wondering emptily Quietly screaming to be filled with more than temporary substance Each soul unique in it's own way Yet Seeking acceptance Longing To be free from bondage Torments from the past Clinging towards hope of the future Souls valuable Yet Not valued as they should be Disconnected … Continue reading Detached Soul

How To Tap Into Your Power

The truth is there is light and darkness in us all. However, there are both internal and external factors that either increase or decrease the light and darkness in which we have.  Some of us have more light than others and some of course have more darkness than others. The light in which we have … Continue reading How To Tap Into Your Power

Calm My Anxious Heart (Tips on How To)

In the stillness is when it seems like many thoughts hit you. Attempting to take captive each thought so that they don't overtake you. Ignoring the lies the enemy tries to tell you.  Shifting through thoughts discarding what is not good and grabbing hold to what is. Seeing that the power of the mind is … Continue reading Calm My Anxious Heart (Tips on How To)

Living Life

Poetry By: Myria Key   Living Life like there's no tomorrow because tomorrow may never come. Learning to appreciate the simple things like the rising of the sun. Keeping the bigger picture in perspective so I don't slip up and lose my perception. Realizing that I've already lost a lot so there's nothing left to … Continue reading Living Life