Never A Right Time


(updated 4/8/2018)

When thinking about life, it always seems as though you have to have a time for everything. There is a time to go to school, time for marriage, time for kids, time for work, and all of these other necessary or unnecessary life happenings that require your time. Even as starting to write this blog, I signed up months ago, thinking okay at the right time I will actually get it started, and go live with this dream of mine. But then of course you realize that sometimes its not always the right time holding you back it can also be excuses, fears, worries, doubts, negative thoughts of, ” what ifs”, that are actually the thing holding you back. I have realized that there truly is NO right time for anything, that life just happens, that life goes sometimes in the opposite direction of what you plan. That the right time is actually RIGHT NOW, IN THE MOMENT, to do something! Because the thing is that when this moment passes there wont be another one like it. So why keep letting all of the negativity keep you back from accomplishing your dreams? Why let the right moment stop you from giving your all in this moment of life? Why keep beating yourself up thinking there is a right time for everything?

Unfortunately I have had that mind set for so long, this idea of this blog came to me years ago but because I was pondering I am just now getting the courage to throw myself out there to this man eating world and only hope for the best. But I no longer will wait around for the right moment, because the truth is that moment may never come, and by waiting for the right moment my life, dreams, and everything I hope for will surely pass me by in a world with time that keeps going and when the moments never right.

If you find yourself saying you will do it tomorrow, or you will do it when this or that thing is right , stop. Stop telling yourself you’ll do it tomorrow, because what if tomorrow never comes? Why wait when everything is right, when we live in a imperfect world where things can always go wrong. Why put off for tomorrow what you can do today.

Instead of waiting for the right time, make the right time be in the very moment that you are in. Look at the things that maybe wasting your time, so that you can instead put that time towards something that you actually need to do. Give your all now in the very moments that you are in, so that it can prepare you for the times that may come. Although we may not be prepared for everything that life throws at us, we can attempt to make preparations as much as we can.

Take the time to go after your dreams.

Take the time to go after something that you have been putting off for so long.

Don’t keep wasting time, when time is something that you can never get back.


How will you choose to make the most of the time that you have right now?


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