10 ways to Finding inner Peace

As I sit here in write this, I have my 3 year old screaming on the top of her lungs which seems to be in my ear lol, because she cant watch tv until she cleans her room. Which, she of course doesn’t want to do.  Somehow though I am sitting here still able to focus on this post, and remain calm, which is difficult but rewarding at the same time. I say rewarding because I am able to be patient and am not allowing it to ruin my peace of mind. This is something that I have been practicing because it seems sometimes that peace rarely or never at all comes. So, I have been finding ways each day to create my own peace in the midst of anything but peace happening. Which is helping me to learn to be a peace maker, no matter the trouble that is around me.  Peace, is something you definitely need, at least for me, in order to keep my head on straight and actually get through the day.So, when it seems that there is No peace insight, I would encourage you to find things that make you feel at peace. Go to a place within yourself that no one knows, a place where no matter what or who tries to disturb it,they cant, because you are the CONTROLLER OF YOUR PEACE! You can find good, and peace in everything if you seek it you will find it, because no matter the bad there is always good in something.  I have listed below some ideas that can begin to spark your inner peace that can not be disturbed. This is something that does take practice doing each day, almost like mediation.

Things that can help develop your INNER PEACE:

  1. Sit in Nature
  2. Find a relaxing scent
  3. Listen to music
  4. Dance
  5. Do something New
  6. Write/ Draw
  7. Silence
  8. Read
  9.  Take some ME time
  10. Exercise

These are not all, just a few i would encourage you to find what works best for YOU!

Just taking the time to be away within can help restore you, give you energy, and clear your mind to be able to deal with the tasks of the day. Sometimes that requires you to ignore your phone, your kids (short time, make sure their not in danger), stepping our of your box, finding new ways that make you feel good inside. I believe PEACE is a MUST in a society like we have today. So seek out your peace, and know that if you practice a little of this each day, you will eventually get to the point of doing it all the time and you will be walking in a peace that you can feel, others will see and begin to ask HOW you stay in a place of peace?


(Proverbs 14:30)

  1. freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.

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