Never Stop Dreaming

Dream as if there is no tomorrow

Dream as if there were no limits

Dream as if fear didn’t exist

Dream as if there was no criticism

 older content from daily encouragement 

Dream as if you could do anything in the world

Dream as if your dream was the matter of life and death

Dream as if the world didn’t pressure you for perfection

Dream as if you could never stop dreaming

The truth is that we allow life, people, things to happen to us to curve, stop, or even limit the dreams we aspire to do for ourselves. As young children, we are so full of life, we have dreams of being anything we can set our minds on, such as firefighters, doctors, lawyers or anything else that we could imagine. But then, as we grow up, and life seems to chip our innocence, aspirations away, we slowly allow those dreams to diminish into… what ifs. We slowly but surely give up on our dreams and ourselves, to live mediocre adult lives of 9 to 5, kids, and pleasing others. We let life overtake us so much that we lose ourselves in day to day living, not even thinking about the dreams we once wanted.

There is a way to come out of this thinking, there is still time to PUSH for your dreams, PUSH for what you want out of life. Get out of your zombie way of living, and do something everyday that scares you, that PUSHES you to do something towards the dreams you once had. Let go of all the ugly things life has dumped on your spirit, and pick yourself up and fight for your DREAMS!!

IF you are still alive and breathing, you still have the power to pursue them… No matter the mistakes, circumstances, or naysayers, you still have what it takes INSIDE of YOU to go FOR YOUR DREAMS!!! DONT GIVE UP, and NEVER STOP DREAMING!!!!!!


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