Remembering What is Important During The Holidays

DEALS!!!!  DEALS!!! SALE!! %% off here and there!

Is what is starting to become the norm for our society. We are slowly crowding whats suppose to be FAMILY time with endless present shopping , cutting Thanksgiving short,  and everyone on the hunt for the greatest deals. Sometimes we are in such a hunt that people have even been trampled to death because of these sales. We have somehow made quality time into quantity time with consumption of gifts. Why now? Why have we allowed the pressure of the stores, labels, and items to overshadow the love, laughter, fun, home cooking, games, and friendship? Is it that we have forgotten the meaning of the holidays? Is it that our world is so fast paced that everyone feels that they must have the newest thing? Is it that we have our times consumed within our cellphones, ipads, and computers? What has happened in these last few years to turn it all around? Now, this year a lot of stores are opening up at 4pm-6pm for holiday sales.

If your anything like my family that is normally around the time you eat Thanksgiving dinner. So, why are these stores making black friday deals earlier? Is it that they don’t want us to spend time with our families, and instead want us to be in the stores spending up our money?

When did the holidays become all about gifts  and gadgets?

Lets begin to remember what is the most important, which is spending quality time our families. Bringing up children in the new generation by teaching them what holidays are truly about. Lets not let these billion dollar chains force us to squeeze out the true meaning of the holidays.

Below are some suggestions that can help bring back the meaning of the holidays:

  1. Decorating the house with family and friends
  2. Doing small art projects such as decorating stockings
  3. Volunteering to a good cause can help humble and help you remember the real reason of the holidays
  4. Having different people bring in different dishes can keep the family involved
  5. Coming up with fun family games such as pin the feather on the turkey, charades and etc
  6. Holiday cookies and fun treats
  7. White Elephant
  8. Making up a new tradition
  9. Agreeing to only exchange a certain amount of gifts
  10. Put together a holiday look book which consists of photos that help you remember the special moments

These are just a few ideas of things that can help bring the holidays back into your home. Lets not forget the true meaning of the holidays. Lets take back the very meaning of joy, take back our freedom to be with our families that these chain stores have blinded us from.

Happy holidays everyone 🙂



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