Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone



(updated 2-26-2019)

Comfort Zone: a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress.


A comfort zone is a place where I feel I have spent most of my life. A place of loneliness, normality, and sometimes boring lol.

In a sense vast majority of people do spend their lives in this place.

There are many reasons why we spend our lives in our comfort zones

These reasons can consist of many things, from fear, doubt, worry, rejection,   lack of faith, environments,  toxic people,what we are taught, and even subconsciously holding ourselves back.

Some people maybe content with staying in their comfort zone, but for those who aren’t and who are getting tired, stepping outside of your comfort zone maybe the change you are looking for.

If you look around the world today, it seems that everything is divided.

There are categories for everything, from race, occupation, hobbies, financial status, looks, material possessions  and the list goes on and on.

Very rarely, do we see or step out of what we are used to. (which is the sad thing).

I can remember in school were they would have a day that encouraged you to sit and eat with someone else for lunch outside of the normal group you hang with. (I participated), but the majority did not.

The question I am asking is, Why?

Why is it so hard for us to step outside of our comfort zones?

Why are so many afraid to talk, interact with people who aren’t the same as them, think like them, have the same amount of money as them?

If God created everyone to be individuals and different why do we have the perception that someone has to be somewhat close to us in order to be their friend.

For a while, I was afraid growing up, I was afraid that people would reject me or not accept me for who I am. So I pretty much stayed to myself, with very few friends that I could call on.

I can only think how much we limit ourselves in life, when we just stay inside our comfort zones.

I can only think how people that are successful must have had to be out of their comfort zones quite frequently.

I can only think how much more I could have grown if I would have actually taken the risk to speak to someone,  or do something differently outside of my box.

Can we grow if we always stay within our comfort zone?

Can our minds flourish if we only talk to people that agree with us all the time?

Can we truly say we are living if we stick with the same group of people are entire lives and never seek out anything different?

( To me the answer is yes/no), I say this because yes,we do grow because that’s apart of life, but to me not as much if we stretched our hearts and minds a little further.

I think I have just gotten to the point in my life where I am not afraid of who is different or even being different for someone else. I think I have gotten to the point where I want to see what stepping out of my comfort zone actually gets me.  I just cant imagine being on my last day, and saying that I never took the time to live outside of my comfort zone.

I have begun to do that, and have started to talk to random people. Granted, I do still get a little nervous and anxious lol, but the reward I get from actually hearing someone else’s thoughts or story enlightens me and I always end up learning something new about them, world, and even myself.

So, lets stop letting fear, rejection, worry, doubt, and any other negative emotion stop us from doing the very thing we were called to do. ( love one another.)

Lets instead embrace peoples differences, understand peoples difference, and learn from peoples difference.

Lets take a step towards challenging our lives and our thinking by looking at life through the eyes of someone else.

There is a huge world waiting to be explored, information waiting to give knowledge, people ready to be loved and befriended.

If we only learned what they taught us in school, at home, or our communities, how much knowledge and information would go to waste?

Lets take the challenge of getting to know or do something outside of what we are used to.

The only way to every truly see change is to first take the steps ourselves….

So I challenge anyone reading this to step out in faith, out of your comfort zone and speak to someone you don’t normally speak to, and be open to new possibilities.

Ways To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

-Do Something Spontaneous

We get so caught up in our routines that we just subconsciously begin to move through them. Shake things up a bit and do something different, outside of what you normally do.

-Speak To Someone You Don’t Know

You never know someone’s story and how that story can help you life. It is just simply the kind gesture that not only helps you but also helps them in return. There maybe little nuggets of treasure in a conversation you haven’t had yet.

– Do that thing you been telling yourself that you are going to do

What if the steps outside of that comfort zone are the ones that you have been wanting to take your whole life. What is that thing you been saying that you were going to do but haven’t done yet? Well, do that.


These are just a few ideas.


The most important is to stop limiting yourself, with staying in your comfort zone…. there is a whole life waiting for you outside of that little box you put yourself in. Think of it in this perspective that good or bad things will happen no matter what  in life, so why not let those things happen outside of the place your used to and see how much, and how far life will take you…. You will never know if you never try….. take the first step today 🙂


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