Gratefulness on Thanksgiving

  1. feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful.

Its always amazing to me how the time with family on this day is getting shorter and shorter because of black friday deals. Check out what I said about that in my post  Remembering whats important during the holidays.  We say that we are thankful for a short period of time and then run to do the exact opposite of being thankful.  I feel like love, family, and quality time are being squeezed out and replaced with technology, money, and self.  What happened to just being thankful for spending time with family, instead of us trampling over people to get the next big thing out? But needless to say gratefulness can still be found in this day, even with every attempt by society to drown out the most important details of this day.

Despite what could go wrong in this day I would encourage you to look within your hearts, surroundings, mind to notice the small things to be grateful for that we take advantage of each and everyday. When I say take advantage I more so mean that we get so used to having them that we forget to appreciate them, and that not every person has what we currently have. I would say the biggest thing that will help have gratefulness on Thanksgiving is the word CONTENT! Learning to be content with what we have can then create in us a heart of gratefulness.  So many times we want one thing, get that, then want more and more. Not realizing that accumulating more and more is never going to make us happy, or fill the void that we have in our hearts.

I do believe however that having contentment and gratefulness no matter the amount of stuff we have, is the true key to happiness. The things that make life worth living are not stuff, they are things such as love, joy, gratefulness, contentment, laughter and etc that have no value.  If we as individuals stay true to whats important rather than being railroaded by all these big industry companies trying to get us to spend our money, maybe the gratefulness, family, contentment, and love what be so scarce like it is becoming. I would just encourage you to remember the true meaning of this day, to develop a attitude of gratitude and contentment, on this day and everyday.  Its amazing what happens in your heart and mind once you change your everyday living and thinking to something greater than this world has to ever offer.

Think about all the people in the world who do not have the blessings you have each and everyday. Some of these things are food, shelter, running water, a car, clothes, employment, grocery stores, internet, all of these things that we think are owed to us, have to have, or think are just there … are not offered or available to others. So being grateful this Thanksgiving for ALL the things that you have big or small… and pay it forward today and just give God thanks for the mercies, blessings, and grace he so willingly gives us each day… even when we don’t deserve it…

Years ago at a service… a pastor said ” If you can wake up in the morning and choose between what shoes you will wear… you are blessed”. This has since stuck with me, and once I see myself complaining, or becoming envious of what someone else has… I stop and think to myself how truly blessed I am because there is someone going through a lot more than me. In sometimes a lot of the things we complain about, or blow up in our mind are truly not as bad as we make them out to be. Looking at my life now, although I have daily struggles, its  not as bad as it could be.

For that I can be Grateful on Thanksgiving 🙂

P.s. I will not be doing black friday, I did years ago but will no longer participate

Comment below on what you are grateful for this Thanksgiving



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