Remembering Your Why

  1. have in or be able to bring to one’s mind an awareness of (someone or something that one has seen, known, or experienced in the past).


There are so many times where I have gotten caught up in the busyness of everyday life. The pressures of wanting to get this complete, that done; the pressures of pushing myself past my limit in order to feel like I am pressing towards my goals in life.  I often times find myself starting off full of hope, energy, focus, love and determination. I then slowly get bogged down because of all the things that I pile on myself to do, that the hope, energy, focus, love, and determination I started with have times when it becomes worry, fear, lack of motivation, and self – doubt. I call these my emotional ruts.  I will get down in the dumps and start questioning my whole life.

Where is my life going? Why do I feel lost? Why does it feel as though I am not changing? Why am I not accomplishing as much as this person? Why did I have to make the mistakes that I did in the past? And on and on and on. Until I literally am crying and to the point where I don’t want to get out of bed, let alone think I need to live another day. This type of emotional rut would have me just down in the dumps, self- pitying myself. Then I would beat myself up for allowing my emotions to get the best of me.

However, having a relationship now with God, has helped me to remember why my life is the way it is, why I can give up, why I have to keep pressing forward,and why my life is worth living. I am now in the stages of just trusting God to help me and show me why I start feeling these things, and how I can stop myself from getting into what I call “the black hole” of my negative emotions.

The answers that I have come up with our plentiful, and have helped me and are continuously helping me. I believe that it all begins with self- awareness, being able to recognize your emotions, body language and etc.  I have noticed that I begin to think negative thoughts when I overwhelm myself with to much to do, I look at someone else’s life and compare it to my own, I think about the past, or listen to what other people say.

The thing I have realized however is that the enemy(devil), sometimes your own thoughts is WRONG! I realized that I am in control of my thoughts. I realized that if I am feeling overwhelmed and tired of doing whats right, that means that I need to reevaluate what it is I am doing to see what can be removed or wait.  I realized that I can not compare my life to someone else’s because, I am my own unique being. I realized that although I have made plenty of mistakes in the past I am not my past. I have realized that there will plenty of people who will have something negative to say about my life, but their words don’t make me who I am.

By stopping myself, and changing my thought process it has helped me not go deeper into an emotional rut. I have noticed that when I feed into the thoughts, is when they become bigger and bigger. By cutting them off when they first enter my mind, I am overcoming. This is hard, but practice makes perfect and freedom from your inner negative  thoughts is such a peace.

I do however think the biggest thing outside of God helping me, would have to be the fact that I “Remember my Why”! I remember why I started all of this, I remember who I am doing it for outside of myself, I remember why I want to accomplish the things I want to, I remember why these things are so important to me, I remember why God says that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, I remember why I believe in myself, why others believe in me to. I just start to think about and remember all of my whys. Once I start to remember my why, it begins in that moment to restore that hope, energy, focus, love, determination, adding with it peace and so much more.

Don’t beat yourself, don’t throw yourself a pity party, don’t feed into the negative thoughts that were meant to destroy your, don’t forget why you started, don’t let yourself slip, don’t let yourself give up.

You can overcome!

Remembering Your Why is the first step of many steps that will keep you pushing towards your destiny!


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