A few things to learn from the Steve Harvey and Miss Universe 2015

Well, we have all been hearing about the Steve Harvey mistake on national TV with miss pronouncing the Miss Universe 2015 winner. This has been a trending topic for days now, and there are several points of view on this mishap. With majority of the news and blog coverage being negative and demeaning towards Steve Harvey. So, I decided to take a different approach on this circumstance and see the positive instead of all the suffocating negativity.

The first thing that I wanted to touch on is the fact that people are really bashing Steve Harvey with outlandish comments all over social media. The thing that I believe that we can learn from this is that we are all HUMAN, that everyone makes HUMAN ERRORS everyday. Shockingly, outside of hosting the Miss Universe 2015 event, Steve Harvey efficiently host Family Feud, Steve Harvey Radio Show and other appearances with no issues. So, why now does his character come into play, the color of skin, his facial appearance and other off the wall comebacks, when he mistakenly makes a mistake on a show he has never hosted before.  Its almost like saying as long as celebrities are not making any mistakes, and seem all well put together than everything is okay. But the moment that celebrity steps in to something bad, darkness, mistake, a bad choice all of sudden the love becomes hate and ridicule.  The first thing to learn is that no matter the status, or money, we are all human, no ones perfect, and we all make mistakes…. celebrity or not. 

Second thing I believe that we can learn from Steve Harvey and the Miss Universe 2015, is that an apology and forgiveness goes along way. I think the most astonishing thing about this happening, is that Steve Harvey was able to hold his composure, apologized and stayed for the rest of the show. He didn’t run away, place blame on anyone or anything else. Instead he came out humbly apologized, and owned up to his mistake as a man. This speaks so much on his outstanding character.  There are a lot of people who may have ran off stage, not came back out, not apologized, and would not  have taken the  blame on  national tv.   I believe that Steve Harvey’s apology was genuine and that he really did feel bad, as well as probably embarrassed that he messed up. What I believe that we can learn here is that despite the mistakes that we do make, its the thoughts and our actions after the mistake that matter. Steve Harvey’s actions showed that he was more than willing to correct his mistake on tv, as well as personal apology to the women as well. Forgiveness goes along way, forgiveness is one of the most powerful thing  that we can do differently in someones life. So, its good to offer forgiveness to someone who is truly sorry, rather than bashing them for a mistake. After all, we want people to forgive us for our mistakes to …. right??

Third thing I believe that we can learn is that sometimes the mistakes that we make, actually may be a lead way for bigger and better things in our lives. Steve Harvey made one of the biggest mistakes ever  as a host to Miss. Universe, but the way he handled the situation far surpassed the mistake that he made. Which is why I believe that Miss.Universe offered Steve Harvey to come back and host again. Not only will he be hosting again, he is going to be one of the highest paid host that Miss. Universe has ever had.  That in itself is incredible factor to this blown out of portion event.  I guess the biggest thing to take from this is Don’t be so hard on yourself in life, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, as well as take risk… after all those mistakes and risk may lead you to a venture you never thought you could be doing.  The last and final thing I wanted to point out is that through everything I believe that Steve Harvey is a stand up guy and will continue to be fan favorite just as much if not more after this.  I would really look forward to seeing what other limits Steve Harvey surpasses, and what other accomplishments he makes in his career. Basically, what I am trying to say is that your mistakes don’t change who you are as a person, your mistakes only define you if you let them. 

Steve Harvey has been in the entertainment industry for years, and  seems to know that with God all things are most certainly possible. No matter who got crowned first, the most important is that someone got the crown…..

Thanks to Steve Harvey ! 🙂

P.S. I’ll still be a Steve Harvey fan 🙂


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