New Year, New Perspective

First I just want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year, and I hope that you all have a safe and fun New Year today. I will be spending my New Year working a double, and hopefully being out in time to make to Church to bring in my New Year there.

This has been a year for me of many struggles, but also a lot of growth. I have been knocked down several times, but with God always manage to get back up. I am really excited for the things , places, accomplishments, troubles, that I will face this year. Whether good or bad, I am going to face it all with Faith in knowing that I will get past whatever it is that 2016 has to throw at me. I am really just changing my perspective on life in this day, and everyday after. I refuse to live, think the way I have been doing so many years. I refuse to live in defeat, worry, fear, anxiousness, beat myself up, give up, or even doubt this year. I am instead replacing those with Faith, trust, hope, strength, peace, and positive. Perspective is truly the key to a big part of happiness in your life. I am now just choosing to look for a better perspective in all things even in struggles, I can learn, grow, and find something positive in. This year I am ready to just PUSH myself more than I ever have before in my life. Right now I am not really 100% sure what that looks like, I have goals for sure, but of course life never goes 100% the way you plan it. So, all I can do is say Yes to seeing a better perspective in 2016, say yes to pushing myself in all aspects in my life more than I ever have before.

I believe that my life depends on me pushing past all the things that try to stop me in 2016. I have had enough years of life beating me up, its time this year for me to beat up on life. To take life, and give it the best run for its money that it could ever ask for. In 2016 I will prosper, in 2016 I will build. I am however glad, that in this last day of 2015 I can say that I stepped outside of my box, and accomplished one thing I had been saying I was going to do for years….. and that is start this blog.

I am so over the New years resolution, and saying I want to do this or that, starting it for a month or so and then stopping. This year I am not doing a resolution. This year I am just putting action to use, and not just talking about it. I am so fed up with just talking about what I am going to do, what I am going to change. I am just in the state of mind where I am done talking, and I just want to do.  In 2016 I will just DO, I will just BE who I was created to be and not let anything else stop me from doing this.

I told myself that this year I will BUILD UP! I will build up my relationship with Jesus Christ, with others, my children, my family,  my relationships, my mind, body, soul, my writing career, my character. I dont want to tear anyone down, not even myself. I just want to build up what I can, and allow God to pour life into everything else in my life. Letting him lead the way this year and stepping out of the way. I believe in letting go and letting God take control, I will see more progress in my life. I am not running this year, I am not making excuses this year. I am just going to do.

New Year and a New Perspective. Let the New Year mean more to you then a New Years Resolution. This is your life and your dreams, make the most of it, despite any challenges you face this year. I challenge you to join me in changing your perspective on yourself and on life. Just living and being the best you this year then you ever have before. PUSH this year for greater in you, and remember that if you believe…. YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO GIVES YOU STRENGTH. and if you dont believe I pray that you PUSH for greater and see how much believing can PUSH you to your greatest yet.


Comment what you will be doing for New Years this year?


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