Not seeing the signs when they are right in front of your face

Last week I took my kids to the park it was cold, and at first I wasn’t going to go because of that but also because I had a tremendous amount of thoughts and worries running through my head. I was just going to stay home and do the normal “routine” with the kids. However with their persistence and a piece just wanting to escape a while, gave in to the idea of the park.

We all gathered in my little Ford Taurus, including our dog and headed to the park. On the drive to the park I just sat, listened, and observed my children’s excitement and anticipation as they proclaimed what they were going to choose first to get on.  It made me for moment smile inside remembering once when I too was a child excited for the park.  When we got to the park, they anxiously and excitedly rush out of the car, as I trail a little behind trying to pull the dog lol.

They go to the swings, I push my daughter and my son of course swings his self. We just begin to play I followed their lead, used my iminaigtion with them, chased them, lead them to try some of the exercise stations they had at the park. But, it wasn’t about all the problems, it was about choosing to find the good in the bad, the love instead of the pain. At that moment it gave me a refreshing reminder that th most important things are God, my children, and love. That it isn’t about the problems and if I continue to fixate on the problems I am going to miss the real lessons, the real moments, the real love, and many other things trying to focus on the problems.

In that simple act it helped remind me to trust God, and choose to love and do what’s right even when things seem to be going wrong. Being able to have a positive outlook on it, instead of looking at the negative, being negative, and then your circumstances around you become negative. Then you look up the joy is sucked out of your life, the lesson you could have learned gone, the growth you could have done gone.


I an realizing that sometimes the things we pray for are right in front of our faces but we sometimes fail to realize that. For instance if you pray for patience, which I have before, that sometimes actually comes having to deal with situations that teach you patience, sometimes those situations that are there to teach us are the ones right in front of our faces. As a mother what better way to allow God to give you patience with showing that with your Children , despite when it gets hard. (That however is a blog post within itself)


Sometimes are blessings, growth, are the things, people, that we have close in our lives. I feel that if we are looking at what’s in front of us we are living in the moment. Living in the moment is embracing the moment, whatever that moment maybe. Living in the moment is acknowledging that the past happened but you can’t change it. Living in the moment is acknowledging that the future is to come but God has it under control. Because ultimately all we can do is live in the moment. So, spending that moment worry, doubting, fearing is not going to do anything in that moment, and I am done wasting moments with negativity, knowing that I can’t get back.

I just want to make the best of the moment I am in, instead of running, stalling, overthinking, anxiety and etc. Learning to deal with, with God the test and trials of today to prepare us for what’s to come. Choosing to see the good within the bad instead all the bad. Sometimes it’s not bad big as we make it seem. Also remembering operating in spirit with God is different. In flesh, as individuals our problems may seem big but with God they will never be as big as he is.

I guess ultimately it comes down in each moment choosing to change your perspective, because you are the only thing that can choose how you see and want your life. Now it is just time to find your identity and know your identity in Christ to be able to operate transformed in each moment, with being in his will. The one who can help the broken be healed, the hurt be loved and so much more.

Dealing with raw emotion can be hard, but if we dont learn to run to God and allow us to help us in those moments, we will continue on a search trying to be filled by things that will never fill us.


I am working on this it is not overnight but I do desire to be at that place. This is just a laugh on me to go to show you how we don’t see the joy in the things in front of us. That is mostly because  we are looking for things to satisfy us or looking at someone else. Or we just blatantly don’t see it in front of us for whatever reason lol.

As me in the kids were finishing up the park, hands freezing, we were walking to the car when I noticed this sign the one including in this post lol. The one that talks about not having a pet on the playground. I didn’t see this coming in, and it kind of tickled me how God confirmed my thought to be accurate. I missed that sign because I wasn’t looking, but I am glad that I took the time to be in the moment with my children. Seeing that no all things are what they seem, the moment is better to be in love and positivity then in negativity and self-pity.


Take the time to learn,grow, and be in the moment. Even when that moment is hard there is always a flip side to everything.



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