12 ways to Staying motivated through daily struggles

  1. 1.
    make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction.

The dictionary version on struggle makes me think, ” If you think that is all that struggle is, you dont begin to know what struggle is about.” Its like they give you a vast definition that people may or may not relate to lol. I guess why its called definition lol.  The synonyms though are things like fight, grapple, wrestle, scuffle, brawl. I am thinking to myself that sounds like a struggle.

To me it is like I live in the struggle, been through the struggle, and I am at the stage in my life where it is a struggle to get out of the struggle. Some days it seems as if it just wont let up, it seems as though the struggle will never end. I guess thats when I catch myself being  exhausted with the day to day pressures of life,  fed up with the toxic things I cant control,  feeling like losing hope with each random mishap. I feel as though the struggle is trying to get the best of me, and admitting  sometimes I do let it get the best of me.  When I let it get the best of me I feel as though the world is on my shoulders, and no one cares to help lift you up.  Facing the facts that less and less people are willing to support you now a days. That is why I have always had this got to get it on my own, and push myself no matter the struggle mentality. I think that  this is what helps me to get myself out of  the times when I lose hope and faith, and I let the struggle get the best of me.

I would say that struggle doesn’t last forever, if you are choosing to try to   seek away out of that struggle. But, remembering that no matter what you choose to do in life, you will have to work for it.  I would also say that everyone has different struggles. There are people that struggle with habits, addictions, school, kids, money, housing, mindset, body, and the list goes on and on. I would say though that no matter the different struggle we have we all have a reason to motivate us enough to get out of that struggle. I feel like if we are open minded enough, and possibly see that struggle is hurting our lives, and where we ultimately want to be in life, then we will sacrifice and go through the struggle to change that struggle.

This takes a lot of power, which for me I get ultimate power from God. However, some people dont see that there is anything wrong, or that they need to change. There are some people who maybe so accustomed to that struggle that they no longer think of it as a bad thing, but instead have become used to it. I believe that it takes the desire to want your eyes open, to be able to see your own flaws and what you need to change, in order to get the motivation to push you through struggle to see that if you change these,  what you really want for your life, your dreams, your purpose….. CAN BE DONE !!!

Each day will not be easy as pie, and God didn’t say that it would. But if we dont give up, keep faith and trust in God, see the good even in the bad. All of the things that you have been through ( I have been through) whether past, present, or future. Whether good or bad, it is all apart of molding us into the best possible person we can be. That is however if you choose to have that perception on life.

Are perception is the key to everything, I mean one of the many keys . So, below is my perception on things that have helped me to stay or get back motivated when I am feeling overwhelmed, losing hope, questioning myself, or really any and everything above.

  Staying Motivated In the Struggle

  1. Pray– Prayer helps me to clear my mind, it helps me to regain my focus on whats important.
  2. Time alone– Time alone helps me to just think about my own thoughts, I normally do something relaxing such as listening to peaceful music
  3.  Dream Board– I love my dream board I created and am adding to it all the time, this keeps me motivated with seeing it right in front of me
  4. Remembering Your Why–  This helps me to take the time to remember why I started to want more for myself, and when it gets hard it helps to give me the strength when I remember why I am doing it in the first place
  5. Goals– Having goals gives you something to accomplish, the more you feel accomplished, the more your going to want to stay motivated and do more
  6.  Exercise & Eating good– For me in order to be my best self and stay motivated, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine will help me to accomplish more (still working on getting this down) .
  7.   Reflection: Look at what you are accomplishing instead of what you are not. This will remind you of how far you actually  have come elevate ur soul 010
  8. Being Grateful-  This will make you appreciate where you are, and remind you that this stage in your life is only temporary.
  9.  Write/ Color/ Draw-  This allows me to get all my thoughts clearly written down. I also enjoy coloring because it helps to relax me. I feel I get more done when I am relaxed and open minded and not tense and  cloudy headed. 
  10. Listen to Motivation tapes or read motivational books: Hearing someone else that has made it out of the struggle, motivates you and helps you learn ways that worked for them, that you can possibly apply to your own life. 
  11. Attend a meeting, or meet people in the positions, habits, finances, and etc  that you want to be like in life:   Being around like minded people, or people that are more advance than you will give you the support and motivation that you need in order to keep pushing and realize what it takes to get  there. 
  12. Remember to breath, and take life a day at a time:  Dont stress yourself out trying to worry about days that are beyond your control, instead focus on what you can do with the day you have

These are not by all means the answer to everything, but it is a start. I am also realizing that the older I get, and the more I want out of life, the more I find ways to stay motivated to get there. I feel as though I have to many people looking up to me, I feel as though I have struggled long enough. I would highly say that the thing that I am learning to do again is push myself beyond any means necessary and doing whatever it takes to get there.

Struggles is not easy, but it can be a beautiful thing, that transforms you into your ultimate self, if you are willing to let it.

If you are struggling on this day, just know that you are not alone, and that there are people struggling. The most successful people wouldn’t be where they are without a struggle to get them there. Do not give up, and keep fighting for yourself, and for what you love.


Romans 5:3-5 ESV / 173 helpful votes

More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

Jeremiah 29:11 ESV / 164 helpful votes

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope


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