Ciara and Russell Wilson Engaged

I hear wedding bells ringing sometime in the near future.  The NFL star  Russell Wilson, proposed to singer Ciara off the cost of Africa on an island called  Seychelles, during a romantic dinner. The ring Russell proposed with is absolutely stunning, and huge.

The relationship of Ciara and Russell Wilson has been extremely publicized due to the couples choices to practice their faith in God, and have been exercising Celibacy since they first started dating in April of 2015.  I admire their relationship but most importantly their faith, because they have been able to stand firm on it and set an example to younger generations of the way that it should actually be. Now, that they have been waiting, and honoring  God through their relationship, they will actually be able to have something to look forward to on their wedding  day and honey moon.  The time the couple has spent getting to know one another, is also very inspirational. It amazes me to see how the way a man carries himself, can effect as well the way a woman carries herself.

To see  Ciara grow, and change throughout the relationship with Russell Wilson, and also leaving her previous relationship with Future. You can tell the difference in her whole demeanor when it comes to her current relationship. It is good to see her happy, and actually being treated the way that a woman deserves to be treated.

Russell Wilson, handled the engagement, like an honorable man should do. He paves the way, and sets an example for a good Godly man. He also gives hope to woman that dont think good, Godly,men still exist.

Congratulations to Russell Wilson and Ciara on your engagement! Looking forward to seeing how the story of your lives together unfold.


Watch the Video of Ciara and Russell Wilson





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