Staying Motivated in Writing & Life

I myself had writers block for several years and I couldn’t write anything. I believe this was because of the life mishaps I was having that caused me to not want to write. It wasn’t up until last year that I finally started writing again, when I decided to do this blog. While doing this blog, I came across another blog by Juni Desiree. Her blog is very vibrant and encouraging. So, because of this I thought she would be a great fit to be my first guest blog post on my site. I really admire her honesty and self exploration. Below you will find the post that she wrote.



What I’ve learnt about motivation in writing and life

By Juni Desireé

I don’t usually get writer’s block but last year I got it bad. I didn’t understand it because I wanted to write. Every part of my being wanted to write. I just couldn’t get anything out on the page no matter how hard I tried. I didn’t know why. But then I learnt that writer’s block is fear. I was terrified. I was too scared to write because I was looking for acceptance and approval through my writing. I put too much pressure on writing. I wanted to sound wise and vulnerable, articulate and conversational, eloquent and relatable. I wanted everyone to like me for my writing.
Eventually I worked out that I needed to forget all these reasons for writing. I needed to figure out why I write. Now I write to be me. To not sound a certain way but just to write whatever wants to come out. Now I write for me. For the joy and peace it gives me. As long as I write for these reasons then it doesn’t matter if I’m afraid. I don’t have to wait for the fear to go away. I can acknowledge it and write anyway. Not everyone will like what I write, not everyone will understand or agree with what I write, but that’s okay. I don’t write to control how people respond to me; I write to for me, to be me. My job is to write, that’s all.
I publish my writing, not to get my worth and identity from my readers, but because writing matters. One of my core beliefs is that everyone has a story. We all have lots of stories, and stories are meant to be shared. They are for others. They make an impact – they can make a change, a difference. They can uplift, encourage, inspire, challenge, teach, comfort, and so much more. Most of all, stories connect. They matter. Share your story. Not everyone will get it, but it will mean something to someone.
This belief motivates me to keep writing and keep publishing my words even if I get no response or bad responses. Writing matters. I take this belief into the rest of my life like as well. What we do matters. A smile, a gift, a thank you, being there for a friend, offering to help a stranger – these things matter. No matter how small the action, it can speak to people and mean something to them. Being yourself and doing what makes you come alive matters. It gives something good to others. It’s scary to be ourselves and show ourselves but our worth and identity doesn’t depend on how people respond to us.
Whenever fear comes and I’m stuck in my writing, I remind myself of why I write. I write for me and to be me. That’s it. I write because I love it. The pressure is off and I am free to express myself in writing. I’m trying to take this approach into the rest of my life. Whenever fear starts attacking me and I start overthinking and overcomplicating things, I try to remember: be me and do what makes me come alive. Keep it simple. Keep it fun.
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