6 Ways To Stay Organized With Your Time

One of the top keys that successful people preach about is staying organized. There are several thousands of blog post that speak about the importance of managing your time, and really just organizing your life in general. So, why aren’t more people being organized and successful?  Why is that some people take organization extremely serious and others do not? I guess this is one of the many reasons why there is a difference between successful and unsuccessful people.

There are plenty of habits that one should develop if they wish to be highly successful, and organization is one of the first and most important habits to get a hold of.  With this being said, below you will find helpful tips that will motivate you along the journey of developing organized habits with your time. There are many areas in which you can be organized in your life, however the key to success I believe is conquering one thing at a time.

 Ways To Stay Organized With Your Time 

1. Keep a calendar or some type of scheduler.

  By keeping a calendar you are able to keep up with all your important appointments, commitments, or extra activities that need to be done. Sometimes, it is necessary to also have more than one type of calendar. I have a total of 6 different calendars, that each serve its purpose in a different way. As seen in the picture of this post, I have a larger calendar which can be picked up Staples, ( not sponsored or affiliated with staples).  I use the larger calendar for more professional uses, it offers a great 30 day overview, as well as breaks down writing space for individual days. I also as seen, have a small pocket calendar, that I picked up at the dollar store for .50 cents. The pocket folder gives me something to have easier access to in my purse, car, or pocket, so that if I am on the phone or not in front of my big calendar I can have something to look at quickly. I also have 2 scheduling calendars in different places of my home that I picked up from the local dollar store and thrift store. Lastly I also use the calendar on my phone to schedule appointments, I also just recently downloaded the app called Jorte, that seems to be a great place to keep appointment reminders, notes, and best of all its FREE!! Having plenty of calendars keeps me organized because I have to be accountable to update each one, and with this many calendars there is no reason to forget anything.


2. Keep a track of the time for all appointments, and complete most difficult first

Keeping a calendar and writing everything down is important, but what is also important is being able to know when you do and do not have appointments. By doing this you are able to know when you are free, and also what you can and can not get accomplished for the day. Through all of the blog post I have ever read, one of the highest pieces of advice is to make sure that the most time taking task are done first.

3. Plan to succeed, or plan to fail

Planning is a great key to managing your time. By planning out your day the day before it can give you a clearer picture on what needs to be done, and gives you motivation to want to get those items on your to do list revolving around your calendar done. If you dont take at least 20 minutes out of your day to plan for the next day, your pretty much doing the go with the flow mindset, which can end up causing you to not be as productive. Plan everything, and if you have nothing to plan business , family, or with others, than schedule inside time to relax or just read a book. These small details can be apart of your plan to.

4. Expecting Mishaps

Unfortunately no matter how organized a person is, there are always things that life throws at us unexpectedly. So, a key to being able to handle these unexpected things it to possible expect or plan for these. Now, I am not saying be pessimistic or negative about the day. I am however saying prepare for potential set backs. For example,  if you know you have to be at work at a certain time, and you expect that there might be traffic, that means you would need to plan to leave the house earlier to assure that you could get to work on time just in case there is. Then this way, you wont be waiting until the last few seconds to head to work and run into traffic and end up late for work, because you didn’t think about the mishaps that could effect what you are doing ahead of time.

5. Not Wasting Time

With this day and age we have been seeing how much more time we waste on things such as social media and entertainment. These time killers as I call them, can easily snatch away a lot of valuable time, we could have used to be successful with our days. Now, there is a time in place for everything, if you are going to get on social media, give yourself a certain amount of time a day, and stick to it. By doing this, you can control the amount of time spent on things that may not be benefiting what  you are doing.

6. Find ways to update the time spent ( reflection)

Truth is not everyday will be perfect. The truth is that sometimes we can run behind some days or unexpected things can happen. In moments like this or even in general,its best to do daily as well as weekly reflection to see where time was lost, wasted,and not enough. By doing a reflection you can see what you need to improve on or change to make the timing, scheduling, and day run a lot smoother. Sometimes it takes trial and errors, I have changed my schedule numerous amounts of time, figure out what works best for you and helps you to be the most productive.


Organizing time is a skill that with a lot of practice can be mastered. However, like any worth while skill it takes time to actually learn and put it into use. If you are just getting started with organizing time, or just want to organize time better, try these 6 pointers. The most important to remember is to take it easy on yourself, and dont beat yourself up if you happen to mess up. The key is to learn from mistakes so that you can figure out ways to master things that can grow your life.


What are some ways that you stay organized with your time?


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