Loving With No Limits

There was once a time as a child, were love was something we never questioned but yet was  always given. Love was something that we sought out from others around us, seeking to fill up our heart buckets.  As that child, it was like we couldn’t see no wrong in anyone, even when that anyone may have hurt us. But then, something starts to change in us. As we grow up, we begin to see, feel, the reality of this so called loved. Seeing that its not always cracked up to what it should be;  that person you once loved dearly, and thought could do no harm, is now standing in front of you flawed, and imperfect. I guess as you begin to grow up you actually realize that people aren’t as perfect as you thought they were when you had no understanding. Somehow, through that understanding we begin to loose hope in the ones we once loved so dearly.  Or maybe its, that as we grow up the picture of the fairy tale ending of happily ever after, become a rude awakening of heartbreak, betrayal, neglect, abandonment,  guilt; which all end up slowly chipping away at our spirits. The spirits that we  used to have  bursting with love and innocence.

But why should we allow life, bad relationships, mishaps with parents, family, friends, coworkers, community or anything else take away from us the greatest gift of life? Why do we allow so many things to have that much power over us that we have now come to a place where the motto is F**k Love?  Why have we lost hope in a committed marriage? Why have we stopped loving peoples imperfections?

Is it because we live in a world that pressures us into thinking that materialistic things are love? Is it because we live in a world were we are too busy looking at what the next has? Is it because we don’t know how, or maybe we forgot what love was really all about?

That is  just the thing, people do want love but are either seeking superficial things, or hiding behind this alter ego. Why should we be afraid to do one of the greatest abilities given to us by God? Why cant we just love past the hurt, imperfections, mistakes, and embrace it. We all know that life is both good, bad, and that love is pain, and pain is love. But if we love in away that makes that pain  bearable, or maybe even noticeable… would we be able to finally love with no limits?

No limits on love because we are giving all the love we have to those that need it, while others that have it can give it back to us when we need it. If everyone was less selfish with love and more absent on materialism, maybe then people could actually regain that child-like love when there was no limits.


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