7 Ways to Protecting A Child’s Innocence

Innocence: The lack of guile, corruption, : Purity.

Innocence, it is starting to become harder to see the innocence in the world.    It seems as though the world is increasing with evil, and the good is becoming  less to see.  Every time I turn on the tv, open up social media, all I hear and see is someone getting killed, poverty, child abuse, domestic abuse, and the list goes on and on. I  can’t stand to even watch it for that long, without getting my soul clouded with all the craziness of the world.

As a  mother it just makes me think about the world, and how not very long from now I am going to release my children into the world alone. It makes me think about the things that they will face, the peer pressures that will try to get them to do things, it makes me think of all the bad people that are in the world. I am not going to lie it gives me a little a fear and worry. But, I have trained myself to not think this way and feed into the negativity which is what the media wants you to do. The media feels if they can put fear in your hearts, than they can indeed control the mind of masses. This then makes you live in fear and dependent on the government, and limits you to the information the media Wants you to hear.  They dont show what you need to hear but instead try to distract you with unnecessary information, or with information that can be used to control you .

I only feel that this is important, because it is time for us as people to be aware of these things that are trying to control us. It is our jobs as parents to make sure that are children are protected, wise, love, and so much more to prepare for the things to come.

Therefore, that is why I bring up this topic.

I believe that two of the most vulnerable groups in the world are children and the elderly. Both of these groups of people can be taken advantage of because of the degree of their situations.  However, for this post I am just going to focus on children.

It really saddens me to see how children are being misguided, abused, taken advantage of and not taught the right way. I dont think I have ever seen so many children mislead and not loved.   I am not sure about you, but to me it seems as though we are making a mockery of children. There are alot of people thinking it is funny to take advantage of the innocence of a child.

Ask yourself this, how many times have you seen videos of children cussing, disrespecting their parents, twerking,  and holding guns? Ask yourself how many times have you sen a video with young mothers having sex with their children in the room, or the car? Ask yourself how many times have you seen young children dressed like adults? Ask yourself how many times have you seen someone encouraging their child to curse?

The list of things that I have seen just keeps going on and on. It is really mind blowing that people dont realize the seeds they are planting in their children when they do something like this to them. There are so many parents blaming the children, saying that they are bad when really its not the child but how they are being raised.

Now, I am not a perfect parent and really there is no such thing. But I am a dang good mother, and I go above and beyond to make sure that my children are around good environments. I watch how speak and act in front of them, because of the fact that they are looking up to me. I think thats what a lot of people have forgotten, is that kids are looking up to who is around them. If you yourself dont set a good example how do you expect your child to.

I feel like that I have to protect my children innocence, to allow them to be kids and to not do things that cause them to grow up faster. There is no reason why children should be exposed to things that are only meant for adults eyes and ears, some children are exposed to this every single day. I believe this is why we have so many children that are growing up to fast and are out here doing things that they shouldn’t even be experiencing yet.

We have to get back to the point of letting a child be a child. We have to get back to the point were we value the importance of being good role models for children. We have to get back to the point were values are once again being instilled.

There is no reason why children should be listening to music , watching tv, online, playing games, or doing anything that is not age appropriate. If we expose them to these things before they are ready, we could damage them. We can alter their thought process, and actions. Children learn off of what they see, hear, and the environments they are around.

So, if what they are experiencing on a day to day basis is negativity, then that will then begin to become apart of their makeup.

That makeup then determines the steps and the choices they begin to make in their lives. This is why protecting a child’s innocence is extremely important. Children soak in everything, they learn and know more than adults would like to give them credit for.

I would just like to stress the importance of this. Let a child be a child. Be more cautious with the things that you do around them. If a child is already going to be exposed to enough craziness in the world, the least that we can do as parents is to make sure that their home life is good, and prepares them for what is to come. But preparing them in away that instills in them how to make conscious and correct decisions.

If you yourself have never had a good home environment, than I am sure you can see why this is extremely important to provide your child with that. If you dont know how, then you must seek out the information. You have to be willing to put your wants and needs behind you, and think about the greater need of your child.

Even if you dont have children, its still a good thing to set an example or volunteer with underprivileged children who could use that in their lives.

Take the time to love a kid, take the time to allow a kid to be a kid, take the time to think about your words and actions before you let them come out.

Lets get back to allowing a child to be innocent, allow a child to be what God created them for…… to be loved, and taught.

 7 Ways to Protect a  Child’s Innocence

1. Monitor what the child is watching.

There are many things that children can be exposed to on tv, in music, and online. Making sure that your child is watching age appropriate things can reassure that they are not being exposed to topics that they may not be ready for yet.

2. Watch what you do around them

You are your child/ren biggest influence, they watch what you do not necessarily what you say. They are going to model some of their behaviors from how they see you act. Being careful of your actions around them can assure you are being the best role model for your children.

3. Allow them to be children

In society today we have so many kids getting responsibilities that are for adults. Or we have children forced to grow up faster because of their home environments. Allowing a child to just be a child can help them to be able to enjoy their childhood, and not grow up faster than what they should.

4. Let them have a voice

Children because they are so small and vulnerable, they can sometimes get ignored or drowned out by what they adult wants. Letting your child be able to express how they feel is extremely important to their self- esteem. They need to know that their opinions and feelings matter verses always being told to be quiet or shut down every time they try to say something.

5. Uplift their self worth

Now days its tremendously important to make sure that your child is being built up and not torn down. Starting at a young age teaching your child about having a positive self worth can help to avoid your child seeking out negative things, falling for peer pressure, or having a low self- esteem.

6. Allow them to make some mistakes

The truth is no one on this earth is perfect, and your child needs to know that making mistakes sometimes is okay. Being able to correct them in a loving way that teaches them, can show them how to learn from their mistakes

7. Showing them you love them no matter what

Kids will be kids, and sometimes that means they may end up coloring on a wall or two. They may do something unknowingly of what they are doing, but just doing it out of curiosity. Letting your child know that even when they have made mistakes unintentionally or intentionally that they are love no matter what, can protect the innocence the child has even in the midst of trouble.

Proverbs 22:6New King James Version (NKJV)

Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.

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