There is No Such Thing As A Perfect Parent

As a single mother with two kids, I find myself getting so overwhelmed with the day to day life of being a parent. There is so much that goes into raising healthy, God loving, goal oriented, self- reliant, loving, compassionate, hardworking, and the list goes on and on children. It sometimes feels like there is so much to teach and not enough time to do it in. Sometimes as a joke to make myself laugh, I say ” I’m suppose to do all this in only 18 years lol”. Which when you think of it that way is a whole lot to do in what seems a short period of time.  Not only do you have to teach your children these things, but in a sense if you didn’t have these things growing up as a kid you are too teaching yourself as well. The pressure of  teaching yourself and teaching your kids can be very heavy.  So heavy, sometimes that it may have you second guess if your a good parent, lash out in anger, have uncontrollable emotions, feel like a failure or even asking yourself if your doing it right.

But the truth is there is no right answer to parenting, neither is there such thing as a perfect parent either. We sometimes spend so much time thinking about all the technical stuff, making parenting about checklist, routines, self- help books and etc; that we just don’t take the time to actually breathe, and be in the moment with our children. Now,I am not saying that checklist, routines, or self-help books are bad, because I myself have used these, and to an extinct are still using them. I am however saying, that if all the technical things are making you beat yourself up, lash out, or not spend in the moment time with your children; then let some of it go.  Just because you release one or two things doesn’t make you a bad parent, it makes you a good one. It makes you a good one because you are actually doing something that your kids love and want the most……. YOU!!!!

In those moments of just being their mother or father, and allowing life to flow and teach in away that you are both learning;  both you and the children end up way happier.

So don’t get discouraged just because you skip something on your schedule, the laundry isn’t done, you eat take out instead of at home,  or any other craziness that you may encounter…… Its ALL APART of LIFE.. and if you JUST ALLOW LIFE TO BE LIFE.. those opportunities, moments for you to teach and train your child the way you want…. will surely come…. but naturally.

Take the time to ❤ today.


5 thoughts on “There is No Such Thing As A Perfect Parent

  1. Love this! Was wondering if you’d be interested in letting me include your words in a book I’m working on about mothers and children? And/or if you’d be interested in writing a post or answering a series of motherhood-related questions that may appear in the book? Your name, age, and location would be included or you can be anonymous. No worries at all if you’re not interested, just thought I’d check. Feel free to email for more details: Thanks, JD.


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