Ways to Stay Encouraged

  1. the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.
    persuasion to do or to continue something.
    the act of trying to stimulate the development of an activity, state, or belief

Staying encouraged throughout the day or maybe even week can be extremely hard and frustrating. We can start off with all these ideas, goals, to-do list that we need to accomplish on a daily basis. We can start off feeling joyous, motivated, focused, and positive about these day to day task. Then somehow circumstances, people, jobs, friends, family, and just life happenings comes along and just alters our whole attitudes. Its like these things come along and seemingly slowly or vigorously suck out all of the joyous, motivation, focus, and positiveness  that we originally started our week with.  But why? Why do we allow these things to alter our own being? Why do we begin to be discouraged, negative, lose focus, and sometimes end up giving up on what we originally planned to do?

Well, this is something I myself do sometimes, and am working on not doing at all. I have gotten a lot better at it then it used to be back when I was younger. What I am finding is that alot of the reason I sometimes get discouraged or allow the above things to get me out of wack is because occasionally I put control in their hands. I have realized that alot of the situations, people, life happenings that affect me are ones that when I am  around I sort of let my (me) guard down. What I mean by this is that when I am around family, I tend to think that my family is a place where I can be loved, accepted, not judged, can be positive and charismatic like I am around them. Truth is however, not everyone in my family sees me like this, accepts me, or wants the best for me.  I have also learned that a lot of my family are the complete opposite of me, sometimes very negative, belittling,  not supportive. So, I find myself when I go around them allowing their negativity to rub off on me and before I know it; I am in a bad mood, or asking myself why in the world I am feeling down all of a sudden. I have realized that its not in fact me all the time but the things and people around me .  Since I have noticed the change in me when I go around some of my family I now put and am learning to do more what I call a (ME guard!) Now this is not the same of some negative guards or walls that people put up to let no one in. This is actually the opposite of this. (Me guard), is where I am still able to be around negative family, but sheltering myself enough to not allow their energy rub off on me. Its almost like you can say a inner peace almost.  I think that sometimes as the old saying goes ” loving from a distance”, also works with some family that are set in their ways and toxic to your life.

These are not the only tactics I started using to stay encouraged but it is one of them that I am working on. This is consistent effort on your end for your own encouragement and happiness. Family, and the things that are in your daily life are the hardest to learn to maneuver around and stay encouraged, but it can be done.

When working its hard to stay encouraged because of the day in and day out draining of your job. It can seem as though its wearing on you, or that its just something you have to do. Then you may, as I have before start thinking about not working your job, wanting a new job and etc. The truth is however that no matter what job you get there is going to be both good and bad. There is going to a be routine to a degree.  I would encourage you to change your perception, this type of thinking could lead to instability in employment by bouncing from job to job trying to find that happy place. However I am not saying that a new job is bad, because if the opportunity presents itself to have something better like you started off at fast food but now working a office job…. by all means do that if its growth.  What I am saying though is staying encouraged in your work place despite where or what you maybe currently doing. How I do this, is having a attitude of gratitude, being thankful I have a job. Also, doing something different or new to spice up the excitement about your job.  Staying encouraged is possible.

I think one of the biggest things helping me to stay encouraged is that I encourage myself. When I see someone else, something negative or bad happening I try to encourage others which in turn helps me to stay encouraged. I tell myself and remember that I have the power of my attitude in my hands.  By having this mindset, it is helping me to learn to stay encouraged even when facing trials and tribulations.

We have to learn to not let so many things, people, and circumstances have that much power over us that we are allowing it to alter us. Think bigger than the problems, people and circumstances. Alot of the things that I have allowed to discourage me were not at all worth  me giving so much negative energy to. I am seeing that positiveness  will drown out negativity. Stay encouraged and change your mindset to something greater.  Now I am not saying you’ll be positive all the time, but if you begin making minor changes in your perception you will see how easy it is to actually stay encouraged and keep your inner power/peace.

Proverbs 4:23

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it


  • make some index cards with encouraging quotes or phrases that are quick to access when you see yourself feeling discouraged
  • listen to uplifting music that keeps you in good spirits
  • Read books on inner peace, staying encouraged, really any positive book that will encourage growth
  • Surround yourself with positive people

These are just a few things that are currently helping me in my daily struggles of staying encouraged..

What are some ways that help you stay encouraged please comment and share? 🙂


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