A Grandpas Effort to Connect With Grandchildren a fail when only one shows up

I am sure everyone has seen the image of a grandfather eating a burger, with the caption under it being “Dinner with papaw tonight… He made 12 burgers for all six grand kids and I’m the only one who showed. love him,”Kelsey Harmon wrote with her picture on twitter.


The picture on twitter has been re tweeted  more than 84,000 times and marked as a favorite more than 150,000 times.  The post has received a lot of emotions ranging from empathetic people, to people getting angry and threatening the other grand children.

Kelsey was noted saying ” ‘Papaw is ok guys I promise & he loves all grandkids equally, plz stop sending my cousins death threats everything is ok !!!!”, towards the people who were giving threats out.

There is alot that we can learn from this experience. We should see that valuing the ones that we love should be the most important thing in our life. We should realize that we shouldnt be so consumed with our own lives, that we forget to spend time with the ones that we love. We should remember that the older generation of people aka our grandmas and grandpas will not be here forever, so if they want to make us burgers or whatever it maybe we should show that we love them enough to do that. We should remember to learn soak in as much time with our elders as we can because they wont be here forever.

We should realize, that although it may not be a big deal to us. it may be a big deal to someone that puts up the effort to connect.  We should love, support, and show respect to our elders and treat them the way we want to be children, because one day we too will be old.

The beautiful ending to this story is the fact that one of the other grandchildren Brock, wrote on twitter that he did go around to Papaws for a burger.  Brock twitter can be quoted for the following statements ;

Guys don’t worry!’ Brock tweeted alongside an image of his grandfather tucking into yet another burger. ‘I came to Papaw’s house and am having a burger!’


He later added: “Papaw said he forgives me and wants all of you guys to know that y’all are awesome for making him famous.

‘I asked PaPaw what it felt like being the coolest grandpa in the world and he said its nothing new that he’s been the coolest one for a while.


There is always a possibility for a good ending even though the beginning may not be. That is one of the greatest things about love and family, and that is understanding and forgiveness. For the ones that you love, even though they may mess up, its a extraordinary blessing to be able to give them more than one chance to make it up.

Thankfully, second chances were given, and there were no grudges held. That is the power of love for you. Remember to take the time to love and support the ones that you have, because you never know what can happen.

I wish I could have had one of Papaws burgers, they looked pretty good lol.


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