From the Streets to Prison, From Prison to Fitness… A story of overcoming, redemption,and growth

With the world we live in today, it seems as though more young males are lost in the streets with no guidance, love, or identity. They have been pointed out and crowded out with all the worlds stereotypes and pressures.  They have been discriminated and criminalized for the color of their skin. The rate for young adults in prison far out weighs the rate of graduation from school. This is a vicious  cycle that many of these young adults continue to repeat after they are out of prison, because there is nothing else offered to show them a different way.  But what if there was something offered in the prison system and in our communities that would allow for rehabilitation, guidance, love, and teachings that would allow them to develop new habits and break cycles of the old ones.   

Cycles in which Cory Crosby, has decided to break himself, through the passion of fitness.  Cory’s story is one that truly inspires the fact that change can happen as long as your willing to seek out and apply yourself towards change. 

Cory is the owner of 2 real fitness llc, which is a new and upcoming fitness studio in Columbia.   The fitness studio was started off from his passion and lifestyle of health and fitness.  The passion for fitness, that Cory now says ” has become a lifestyle, more than a passion”, was sparked by his years spent incarcerated. Cory explains that he was in the streets in his 20’s doing things that landed him in the prison system. Before he was incarcerated Cory says , ” I never did any sports or anything physical, so I was out of shape, and uncomfortable.” When Cory went from the streets to a level 5 prison  him being uncomfortable and over weight caused him to see that change had to be made. He states, “By me being incarcerated and being in a  environment , where your fitness level really determines if you were going to survive or not”. Knowing this fact he insisted on learning to get fit to protect himself in a place where incidents were happening all the time.  Through wanting to protect himself he begin to push himself to work off the little over 200 pounds that he was. 

When Cory first started working out, he wanted to give up because there was a lot of things physically he couldn’t do, such as a pull up. But instead he kept applying himself by working out with other people, and  eventually leading a pensanity class in prison which taught other people how to work out and stay fit.  Cory emphasis the fact that physical fitness is largely related to other success in life. He states ” When you see your hard work pay off, it allowed me to see other perspectives in life,  if I can do this, I can do something else as well, I am able to control and create the things that I desire.”

Through his time in prison which was collectively 8 years, he was able to go from not being fit at all to being fit and teaching others to be fit.  He is now seeking to bring that same knowledge to the locals, by teaching them through an assortment of fitness classes. There is a huge need in the black community for knowledge of fitness and health. Cory wanted to be the first fitness studio, that catered to the black community and seeks to teach skills that will equip them for success.  The fact that a lot of local gyms do not cater to black people, and actually make it really uncomfortable for someone to want to be motivated to develop a healthy lifestyle because of  stares and judgment,  is one of the reasons why he opened 2 Real Fitness llc. 


 The name 2 Real Fitness originates from the idea of being authentic, and real with yourself.  Cory says powerfully ” My biggest downfall before being incarcerated was that I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t know what I was able to do, because I had sort of an identity crisis, where I didn’t know who I was because I had moved around so much in foster care and all of these things.” Through being locked up Cory was able to find himself through reading books and studying. This is what helped him realize that fitness was in fact part of who he was, stating ” If you dont know yourself, you wont be any use to yourself or anyone else.” This experience allowed him to discover who he was, which  created confidence and assurance of who he is, which is why the name 2 Real Fitness was created. 

 2 Real Fitness offers a variety of classes from Insanity, zumba, taebo, yoga, kidz fit, 2 real extreme and many more. The classes are only $10.00 , and there are also membership and package deals available as well. The variety of classes are sure to suit any type of body style and fitness level. The kidz fit class would be a great addition  for any parent wanting to set their child up for a healthy future.  Cory plans on creating more programs for the community, including a rehabilitation program in which he talks to youth about being empowered in their own skin, environment, he plans to incorporate fitness in this class as well, and plans to call it Rich Fit. 

Cory Crosby owner of  2 Real Fitness seems to be a prime example of how learning healthy habits can change your life. Just because your life starts off a certain way doesn’t mean that your life has to end that same way. Cory seems to have some great ideas and plans for the community to grow, spread knowledge, and give hope to the ones that seem to be forgotten about.  The color of your skin, your environment, your record, these things dont have to stop you unless you let them stop you. These same downfalls can be the things that bring you up if you learn how to use them for the positive.  You are more than your mistakes, and its important to remember that. Take the time to learn from people like Cory Crosby of 2 Real Fitness, that used his struggles to launch his success. 



For more information Please feel free to contact  2 Real Fitness in any of the below methods:


Phone : 573-268-8201






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