10 Reasons Why It’s Important to Follow Your Own Dream

Dreaming, the definition is something described as a series of thoughts, images, and sensations, occurring in a persons mind in their sleep.  However to me dreaming goes beyond just what you experience in your sleep. My definition of dreaming is the possibilities one creates for themselves from a manifestation of hopes and desires. Dreams are simply just ideas and thoughts until you actually start putting action to them to make them your reality.   Everyone has a dream, from the famous Martin Luther King Jr speech of I have a dream, to successful people like Bill gates, to everyday people like you and me. We all have dreams, we all have a desire to be something, or have something greater than ourselves. So, why is it that so many people are not living their dreams?


Are people not living their dreams because they are simply not chasing them? Are people not living their dreams because they are giving up on them? There are potentially a lot of answers to why more people are not living the life of their dreams. However, although there maybe plenty of reasons, we are only going to focus on one. The one that we are going to focus on today is…….

Following Your  Own Dreams 

The reason I chose this one first is because I think this is one of the biggest reasons why a lot of people dont reach their own dreams in life.  If you look around at our society today, it is pretty much based on the things that we have. These things can range from out status, looks, money, materialistic items, education and so forth.  We really have begun to leave no room for people to be liked just upon their personality alone. There is constant pressure to keep up with the next person, trend, hottest items, and newest things out. Although these are not the only things people use to compare and to push to be like, these are the main ones I feel effect us the most.  We are consistently told who we  are, or what we have is not good enough or that we can do it better.

I believe this is what causes huge words such as envy and lust to  come into play. If we are always told who we are isn’t good enough, and  are watching people around us put on this image into what they have, who they are, and what they are doing is greater than what we possess, we begin to desire what someone else has.  Even with the media, commercials are the prime example into our society pressuring to constantly buy and change. To some extremes people are willing to change everything about themselves to fit in with other people, or with what the world says for us to be. There have been many instances were people may not even like or want to do something, but the fear of not being accepted and rejected causes them to completely ignore what they want for their lives.

If its not this, there is also many times where I have encountered many people that say I want to be ( whatever it is they want to be), such as a musician but my parents want me to be a doctor because my dads a doctor. In this case the opportunity to have their own mind, and chase their own dreams is non existent because their dreams and life have already been planned out for them.  In this circumstance people are very miserable because they have no voice of their own to choose their own destiny.

These may push us momentarily but we eventually grow tired of them, give up, or completely end up settling for something that we never wanted in the first place.


The key then is from the start finding what it is you believe in, and what it is you want for your own life. Once you know what it is you want for you own life, run with it until you see those dreams unfold right in front of your eyes. The key is to be comfortable with who you are no matter what you have, what you look like, where you are and anything else. The key is to know that you are meant to  be UNIQUELY YOU! The key is to know that you were not meant to be like anyone else but yourself. The key is to create your own destiny based off of what makes you happy.

Focus on living a life pleasing to you and meaningful to you.  Take your focus off of what someone else wants, or what the world around you is doing and focus on what it is you need to do, in order to get you to where you want to be.

Don’t give up or change yourself to fit in with someone else. You only have one life to live, so why would you give the world, or other people that much power over the life you live and have control over?

If your dream is to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, musician, makeup artist, hair stylist, writer, mom, dad, CEO, media publisher, or to be self employed, then DO IT!!!! Even if no one else believes or supports your dream, you have to believe in yourself and know that God believes in you too. There is a reason why are dreams and passions are placed in our hearts, I am a firm believer that these speak to what our purpose in life is. Dont let anyone or anything stop you from your dreams,  and from the purpose you are meant to live out in life. The road to your dreams will not be easy, there will be many things that will try to stop you, try to get you to conform, try to get you to change who you are. But dont let it, keep your eyes on the prize, keep your eyes on focusing on what you want to accomplish in life. Dont let the smallest thing knock you off your path, have courage enough to FOLLOW YOUR OWN DREAM, and be YOUR OWN PERSON. Realize that sometimes that means going against everything that is trying to come against you, no matter if it is family, the world, friends or anything. Let nothing STOP YOU FROM YOUR DREAMS, because one day we will be old, one day we wont be here, and by then it will be too late to say I wish I would have FOLLOWED MY OWN DREAMS! FOLLOW YOUR OWN DREAMS TODAY, AND EVERYDAY LET YOUR DREAMS DRIVE YOU THROUGH THE TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS UNTIL THE DAY YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE, AND EVEN AFTER…. YOU ARE WORTH YOUR DREAM AND YOU MUST CHOOSE TO BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!!

14 Reasons Why  Its Important to Follow Your Own Dream 

  1. Keeps  You Motivated on Rough Day

When you are having a rough day, because we all know that rough days exist. Chasing your dreams can give you that motivation to get through the rough days. It will put in perspective for you that although the day is rough, your dreams that you are chasing after will be worth more achieving then the days trouble you are facing.

2. Stays True to what you want in life

Having a dream and chasing it will assure you that you stay true to who you are and what you want out of life. Knowing that you are following and wanting something for yourself can help you to stay true to what really matters and what you really want in life.

3. Expands Your horizons

Dream chasing is no easy task, but having a set goal in mind can help navigate you in the right direction. In that right direction you may encounter new perceptions, or actions that you can have to push you ahead in your pursuit of your dreams.

4. Provide for the ones you love

We all have a reason why we are chasing after  our dreams, and sometimes a lot of those reasons are to help take care of the ones we love.

5. Inspire others

Chasing after your dreams can help to motivate other people who are trying or wanting to chase after theirs. You never know how your life can be a motivation to others to accomplish their dreams.

6 . Get to do something you love

Having your own dream means that what you are chasing after is extremely important to your life. Accomplishing that dream means that you get to do something that you love to do, verses settling for something that you dont love.

7. Overcome the struggles of the past

Accomplishing a dream, could mean that you are desiring to want to overcome a state that you are currently in or have been in. There is usually some sense of struggle or hardship that causes us to want to chase our dreams in the first place. Accomplishing that dream can assure that we have overcome the rough times in life.

8. Comfort of knowing you gave it your all

There is nothing like knowing that you gave your all to something. The best thing to give your all to is your life and your dreams. Knowing that you did everything in your power to get you to where you are, can give a great sense of accomplishment.

9. Gives you a sense of purpose

Following your own dreams gives you a sense that your life has purpose. Everyone has a purpose in life and your dreams are more than likely the purpose your life was meant for.

10. Live the life you have always imagined

Having a dream, chasing that dream, and accomplishing that dream sets you up to live a life you have always imagined. More than likely the life you have always imagined is the one that you dream about.


 Follow Your Dreams with every inch of your existence and your opportunities to fulfill those dreams will find you…


Let me know in the comments what your dreams in life are, I am interested in hearing them.


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