Work With What You’ve Got

a state of happiness and satisfaction.

lasting for only a limited period of time; not permanent

With this day and age, its so hard to be grateful and content with what you have. Everyday we face something telling us to buy this or do this, it seems endless. There are multiple avenues of something telling us that we are not good enough, or what we have isn’t good enough. It makes us feel as though we must work ourselves to death, so that we can obtain a bigger house, nicer car, better body and the list goes on and on. We work and push ourselves to have more, all while missing what we already have in front of our face. We are constantly looking at what we dont have, that we fail to realize sometimes the things that we do have. We sometimes neglect the people, and things that we do have because its not what we want at the moment we are in our lives. We complain about what we have now because its not what we ultimately want in our lives. However, that is where we mess up our blessings. We mess up our blessings because we are not grateful and content in the moment, and then end up trying to create things for ourselves which majority of the time does not succeed.

Then with our failed attempts we take that out on God, ourselves, the ones we love, jobs, and our friends. We start taking it out on all of these things because we are unhappy with where we are or what we have. What I am realizing is that we miss the opportunities to enjoy, learn, and embrace the lessons and the blessings in each moment because we focus our attention on moments that we are not in. We are either focusing on the past, or we are too focused on the future. Either way, with our focus not being in the moment, we are basically robbing ourselves of that moment, for a moment that we can not control.

We have to realize that the moments that we are in are the only moments that we can control. We have to realize that the moments that we are in today, are only temporary. So, you may not be where you want to be in life today, but if you keep pressing towards were you want to be, and working towards that in each day then you will get there. However, getting there takes being in the moment you are in and being content with that moment so that you can get to the other moments you desire in life.

For instance, my ultimate goal in life is to be a writer, motivational speaker, and many other things. Am I there today, well no, not like I want to be, but I am making things happen in the moments in today that will help me to get to where I truly see myself. But if I rush the journey, complain all the time, and dont live in the moment, I may never get there. I may never get there if I am constantly being negative or focusing on things that I cant control. I believe this to be true, because if I choose to be ungrateful and look at what I dont have, it may discourage me from doing anything else. Right now in life, I could complain of what I dont have and what I am not doing yet, but where exactly is that going to get me? That type of thinking is going to get me absolutely no where.

Another example I can give you, I dont have everything I need to do my best at vlogging and blogging because at this moment I dont have the funds to drop over $2,000 to get everything I need. However, I am not going to let that stop me from figuring out a way to do the best with what I have, until I get to be able to afford and do the things I want to do that are greater than where and what I have now.

There are so many people who give up on themselves because they aren’t there now, or dont have everything they need now. But you cant do that, because there may never be a time in your life where we have everything we need, even if you did have all the money in the world, there would probably be something that you need but dont have.

To get to where you want to be you must start from where you are. Alot of successful people, weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth, although there are some this way, majority of them have started from nothing and worked to get something. Do you think that they got there from being ungrateful and complaining? No, they got there by being content , grateful, patient with themselves, and working hard for what they have and they were making the most of each moment, no matter what that moment was. That is what life is about, making the most of what you have in the moment in life you are in. You have to keep in mind that life and time move on, and as long as you are doing your best in each moment, and pushing towards where you want to be, there will be a moment in your life where you will be there. You have to keep in mind that everything takes time, and sometimes things aren’t going to happen right when we want them to. But if we persevere, continue to keep pushing, embrace each moment, love ourselves and others, keep God first, and never give up….. OUR MOMENT WILL COME!!!!
Today, although you may not have your dream job, house, car, body, status, and etc, find ways today to work with what you have to set yourself up to walk in the direction you want for your life. This could be networking with people, reading, using video from your cell phone, finding local resources you can use for free, come up with ways to earn extra money. There is a lot you can do with where you are you just have to be the one to seek it out, be optimistic, remember that success doesn’t come easy, and making the most of what you have now can not only get you to where you want to be, but also will help you to appreciate it more when you do make it to where you want to be.




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