Seasons Change and Life Changes With It

There is nothing more magnificent then the wonder of the creation of the universe. Its endlessly amazing the intimate details of the world that God has woven together. The working of everything from humans, plants, animals, and even down to the smallest bug, all seem to work together according to his good. Each one of these, being apart of its own small universe, each one has a role of its own. Although it seems as though we are all different, there are many attributes that tie us all as one. The creator and the creation, seemingly coexist in a world that tries to make you feel as though our existence wasn’t meant. But incredibly it seems as though what wasn’t meant, is when we forcefully invert things, circumstances, into the realm in which things weren’t meant to exist . Basically creating or doing things that were probably not suppose to happen.  Do you believe it was meant for us to not care about mother nature? Do you believe it was meant for us to not love one another and the creatures, creations of the universe?

The world is constantly evolving, some of evolution seems to be good, but majority of it seems to not be good for the people or for the planet. The world seems as though we have focused ourselves from the beauty of small details that money can’t buy, to focusing  our attention to the things that money can buy, but end up never truly satisfying ourselves. Why then do we choose to taunt ourselves, stress ourselves, to obtain items that we still end up feeling empty over?  Why have we stopped doing the best of what life has to offer us for free, and begun thinking that these free things aren’t enough, or what is in?

The growth of the human soul seems to be at a stand still, as seasons change, it seems as though people are just staying the same. The growth of lonely, emptiness, and lost with no direction seems to be on the rise. Why is that we are feeling so down inside?

Looking inside is something that a lot don’t want to face, is this because they are facing something that feels as though its a disgrace.  Why is it that we don’t realize that life is meant to change us? Why is that we allow others, the world to manipulate our happiness?

Speaking of happiness, when was the last time that you have spoken or chosen to have happiness in your life? Why is that we don’t get happiness any more from the simple things in life? The simple things, in life being something as small as  walking in the park, and being captivated by the new flowers popping up for spring.   We have the tendency to forget what simple joys the small things bring us.  Is this because we are being allured away with the next hottest item out, the next hottest song, the hottest girl and guy?

Although we know that seasons change, although we know that after winter comes spring, it never seems to get old or even come about changing the same way. Although we know that spring will surely come, it never stops the fascination of the first spring flowers that captivate the naked eye.  The transformation from a cold and dark winter, to the sprouting of a blossoming flower, that pushes its way out of all the cold and darkness. O, how the striking spring colors seems to bring forth hope, when it seems as though everything is dark and dampened. There is nothing like seeing the beauty of the first bloom, springing forth from what we as people seem to think as a forever winter.

The winter in which seems to take us into the efforts of a new year. That once again we realize is a change in our lives. The seasons come and go, just as the stages in our lives come and go. Just like winter that is cold and dark, sometimes we to can experience trials and tribulations in our lives that are cold and dark.  When we are in these dark moments in our lives it seems as though there is no light, or rescue insight. The darkness seems to be choking out the light, and gripping our existence into a sad, depressive, defeated, struggling state.  The darkness seems as though there is no ending, the darkness seems to make us feel as though we will never come out.  In the midst of the darkness nothing seems to shine light on the struggles that we are facing. However the beauty of  God being the creator and we,as well as the earth being the creation, assures us through signs of change, and small blessings that light still exists.

The light comes from small success here in there. The light comes from a child’s smile and laugh. The light comes from feeling abundantly loved by the God who loves us eternally. The light comes from small joys and happiness. The light comes from knowing that although there maybe seasons in our lives that are dark, there is a overwhelming assurance that the season will pass. The seasons of darkness will pass in our own lives just as the seasons change from winter to spring.  Although it may seem sometimes as though the season of darkness in our lives last longer than the 4 seasons of change through out the year, there is still glimpse of hope within these moments to symbolize that the best seasons of our lives are yet to come.

In moderation of day to day life, it can seem as though those moments of change take forever.  In these moments it can be easy to get discouraged, lose faith, hope, and motivation in life. However, it is in our darkest and hardest moments that we not only find out the truths about ourselves, others, but also the truths about God. God never says that it would be easy, but he does say that he will give us what we need to get through the hardest seasons in our lives. But, that comes with the cost of having belief, faith and trust in knowing how big God the creator of the Universe is, compared to how small we and our problems are. Even though we may not be where we want to be in the seasons of our lives right now, that doesn’t mean that we will never get there. If you keep working towards what you want in life, accepting the changes, learning from the difficulties, seeking out understanding, loving with no limits,  stopping at nothing, and  have faith in what you do not see instead of what you see; there is no reason why there wouldn’t be a season in your life where you reap harvest from what you have sown in the good and difficult seasons in your life.

The seasons in our life both the good and the bad are what helps mold us for the greatest seasons of our life. There are probably multiple reasons why we are not given what we want right from the start. Some of these reasons can be because we are not ready for them, and also possibly because we may not truly need them in our lives. With each waken moment that passes us by, with every season in our lives, we can expect it to  inevitably mold us, and manifest something greater within us or around us, with every season that passes. Just as we watch the winter cold become spring showers, spring showers become summer flowers, summer flowers become fall leaves, we can to expect our lives to do the same.


Dont fight the seasons changing, embrace even the difficulties in the season your facing today, and choose to see the light in the midst of every season in your life you encounter. Cling to the fact of knowing that this too shall pass.


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