10 ways to think about Change and Focus

Change is something that can never stop happening. Even when we feel like things are not changing they usually are, sometimes slower than we want, but things around us are most certainly changing.  The change can be within ourselves, people around us, the world, the seasons, school, fashion trends, hairstyles, and the list goes on and on.  As the world is constantly evolving and changing right before our eyes, it can have away of making you feel small. Seeing everything else around you change, can sometimes seem as though you are not changing fast enough or not at all. Although we have all heard the saying that no one can change, I highly doubt this to be true. I feel that anyone has the power and ability to change, you just have to want that change bad enough. There are some people that don’t change simply because they have no desire to, they settle, or they think that they cant.

However, I am here today to tell you that you most certainly can change. Change however does take time, especially if you plan on changing a lot or have been doing certain things a certain way for a long time. But, don’t let the time it takes to change discourage you from seeking that change. Chances are that what you want to change is for a reason, and could potentially be a turning point in your life.

The issue however can be when we focus on trying to change to much at once. Say for instances you want to change several bad habits, the way you look, your health, your finances, and etc. Wanting change in all these areas is a good thing, when you try to tackle them all at once is when it becomes an issue. It is a good thing if you want to make multiple changes to improve your life, and do not let nothing make you think that its not a good thing.  When, we make the choice to try to tackle more than one thing at a time that is when we can become discouraged, or this can also cause us not to focus on giving our best effort towards each change that we our desiring.

The key then is to focus on one change at a time, one day at a time. Once we are able to give our best in focusing on that change,  we get it down solid,  then we can move on to working on the next thing we our desiring to change. This is not saying that we don’t have the ability to focus on more than one change at a time, because we do have the ability to do that. I am just speaking from a perfectionist, overachiever, mind-running all the time , person who has tried to pack so much on her plate because she wants so much good changes in her life point of view. I have had problems with packing so much on myself, that it causes me to feel overwhelmed and the quality of the change is not as excellent because I have tried to focus on more than one thing at a time.  Then like any perfectionist, you may try to take that one yourself, and these thoughts can lead to a world wind of messiness in your mind lol.

The great aspect though that I am learning in the midst of all these changes, and desiring changes is that truly focusing on one change at a time is helping me to focus more, and gives me  a clearer direction of my goals and life.

For instances for the month of  April, I decided that instead of trying to change and start 10-15 new things this month, on top of all the other duties I have, I was only going to focus on three things this month. I picked the most important ones for the time in my life right now, and said that I would focus on these this month. With choosing to have 3 solid focus points outside of day to day living, I am able to plan accordingly, and know where, what, how, who, why,  if I should, shouldn’t, yes or no, answers to anything that I may encounter that may or may not have anything to do with my focus points. I have a choice to choose to do something outside of my focus, but if I do then I know that it will take away from the things that I am trying to focus on.

I know that the items that I choose to focus on for the month of April, once the solid foundation of these things are laid down, it will make everything after that be a breeze. I feel that also by doing this, I can concentrate more on the day to day accomplishments that need to be made in the month of April to be able to have the goals and focus points for this month completed. Not only, will it help me to make sure that they are completed but it will just help me to enjoy each day in the moment while I know clearly what I am pursuing each day, and for the month.

Rather than before when I tried to focus on so much at a one  time, that I got stressed out because I would be thinking about months down the road, years from now, and the million other things that I needed to get done.

By doing this I have seen that I am giving myself more peace, ease of mind, setting myself up for greater success, assuring quality in all that I do, and lastly being able to actually enjoy the journey of my life.

Below are some tips that can be used to help you to focus on one change and one day at a time.

Change is Good…… Try Some of These Tips.. to keep going 

  1. Mediation/ Stillness- When sitting in the peace and quiet it helps to process thoughts correctly. It gives way to understanding, emphasis, ideas, and clear direction of the day.
  2. Prayer- This gives  hope. It also gives  assurance in remembering to have Faith, and know that God has everything under control.
  3. Setting Goals for the month- When you focus on a set amount of goals for the month only, it keeps attention  to the most important instead of having a  wondering mind.
  4. Keep Notes/ plan – Writing down everything helps  to keep you  on track. Having a calendar assures  that you will make great use of your time. Start off by writing a list of everything that you wish to change, or goals you have this year. After you do that, then see which ones you want to work on first. Make a goal or plan for those things that you want to first start working on, for this month,. Set a clear plan for what you could do on a daily basis to start working towards completing the goal for the month. Then next month do the same thing but with different goals, but if the goal is going to take longer than a month, continue to have that same goal the following month, and still develop a day to day plan for it.
  5. Say No- There are plenty of things such as family, friends, events, and a lot of other surprise events, that will try to also have your time. Having the ability to say no to the things that you don’t need to do,  can have someone else do, can help save time and energy for the things that you do need to do.
10 Ways To Think About Change And Focus( http://www.elevateursoul.com)


6. Patience- Being patient with yourself in a day to day basis, keeping in the back of your mind that the goal is not yet reached, but  you are working towards it.

7.Exercise/Sleep- Having a healthy body, mind helps to have the energy to stay focused during the day.

8.Positive attitude- Having a positive attitude truly does go along way. Being able to see the positive side of everything helps you when you are in the midst of changing something that may not be so positive or really hard.

9.Remembering Why- Keeping in the back of your mind, the ultimate dreams for yourself gives you motivation on the days where you may feel like giving up. Remembering why you started in the first place, can let you see that although your dreams may not be happening today, if you continue to push and believe, you will get there. Just do not let not seeing them right away stop or discourage you from pursing them.

10. One thing/ One Day- Keeping your mind focused on the things that you  can control in the day that you  can control it in, allows you to be able to give your absolute best in that day alone.


These are just a few suggestions that have helped me in the midst of changing and trying to stay focused. These are not be all means all things that you can do, but these are some that I have noticed have tremendously helped me. Change is not easy, with all the distractions in the world sometimes focusing is not easy either. But with teaching yourself skills, pursuing something greater, having perseverance, seeking out knowledge,  staying consistent, and most importantly believing in yourself….. Change and Focus can be conquered. You can conquer anything that you put your soul and mind to. So start conquering today what you wish to change.

Even if it is a day at a time, and one small change at a time.



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