13 Healthy Ways to Manage Stress


a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.
Stress seems to creep up in every aspects of our lives. We try to stay cool, calm and collective yet the weight of day to day living seems to take a toll on our bodies and minds. So, what do you do when it seems as though there is more stress than there is more peace in your life? A lot of people tend to handle stress in a negative way such as overeating, drugs, and alcohol. However, these things seemingly tend to add to the stress that we are feeling. Having a plan for healthy outlets to do before we get stressed or even after can help to assure that we are being optimally are best selves that we can be.
Below you will find healthy ways to manage stress

1. Prayer- For me praying seems to center my existence with the in tuned of the universe. Bringing peace to my mind is what I experience from a good prayer.

2. Exercise- Having a good amount of exercise either daily, going to the gym, or on a run when you are feeling stress is a good way to release feel good endorphins into your body. Getting your sweat on can reenergize you and give you a clear conscious of that day.

3. Writing- Keeping a journal and taking notes, can help you have an expressive outlet when you are feeling overwhelmed. Being able to write how you feel can help you keep your thoughts and feelings in order. Writing is also good to have something to look back on if you ever need motivation.

4. Drawing &  Coloring- There is something about drawing and coloring that tends to put the mind and body in a state of relaxation. Never think that you are to old to color or draw, it just so happens that coloring in adults has increased because it helps you to unwind after a long day.

5. Mediation- Sitting in silence, being able to have controlled breathing, can help to focus your thoughts on what is truly important. Mediation allows you to be able to shift through the thoughts that have no benefit to you.

6. Observing Nature- It is extremely calming being able to soak in the radiant rays  of the sun, the smell of flowers, the beauty of the clouds, the sounds of birds chirping and so much more. Observing nature can help to remind you of the simple things in life, taking your focus off of your problems.

7. Smelling Lavender or other relaxing scents- The smell of different aromatherapy opens up the airway and relaxes the mind and body.  The feeling of lighting a candle, and  sitting back in a chair taking deep breathes can help you decompress from the day.

8. Taking a hot shower- Don’t have the money to go to sauna, don’t worry taking a hot shower gives you the same exact benefits. After having a long day, a hot shower does the body justice.

9. Talking to someone- Whether this someone be someone that you love, or a therapist of some sort, speaking about how you feel to a listening ear can be a stress reliever. There is no better feeling, like the feeling of getting stuff off of your chest.

10. Reading – To some this may not be very stress relieving, but for many Americans, reading is a form of relaxation and stress relief. Reading captivates your mind and allows you to be thrown into a different story outside of your own for a little while. Diving into a good book, can have you forgetting about the small things that were bothering you in the first place.

11. Relax/take a nap

Sometimes a little rest can do the trick. If your constantly on the move then maybe a little catching up on sleep is what you need.

12. Spending time with someone you love

The feeling of being loved and cared for can help reduce stress. However if the person you love is the one stressing you out use another technique.

13.Remember reasons to be thankful

There is something about thankfulness that causes me to rethink the things that I am “stressing ” over. When I take the time to remember even the small things I have to be thankful for such as sight, smell, it really helps me to see the importance in the reasons I have to be thankful instead of things I dont.

These  are just a few simple ideas to manage stress, check out this additional article for even more practical ways to manage stress Reduce stress



What are some ways you manage stress ?


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