Overcoming Obesity, letting go, & recreating yourself

From the time we are a child, to the time that we are an adult, we are constantly being pressured into someones else’s mold of what are lives should be.  We are put down with words and statements that others may think mean nothing, but never realizing that those words actually do stick to you. Sometimes its through these words were we somehow allow them to slowly transform the thoughts that we have for ourselves. With each negative things it starts to become normal to us, the way that people talk down us. We begin to accept what other people try to make our reality, instead of making our own reality.

Today’s someones story talks about how a young lady, overcame these negative thoughts, of others as well as the ones she put on herself. Today’s story talks about how even though you start off one way, doesn’t mean that you have to remain that way.  You can overcome, and you aren’t all the things that people try to tell you are. Now it is time to dig deep within the core of your being and discover in fact the person you are and not the many voices of others that tried to tell you who you are.


Someones Story 

Music was the Motivation

By: Danielle Collins

Sometimes, it just didn’t make any sense in my young mind. I often felt like I was too young to be experiencing the hurt and pain that I was. I also wondered if anyone else felt the same way I was feeling, but when you’re trapped in such a dark hole with no obvious escape, it all just seems to be you with the problem. My name is Danielle, and I’ve got a story to tell. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like vent, but in result, teach. Perhaps, we could learn from each other. Listen up.

I suffered from obesity my whole school career, as well as issues with my identity. A fat “tomboy”, yeah, that was “me”. I was always walking the hallways with a smile, but so many tears were overflowing within. I often times felt hopeless. I had friends, and they were nice to me because they knew me outside of my fat suit, but then you had those heartless ones. You know, those kids that call you names to break you down and build themselves up, when they’re really the ones hurting ten times worse than you are. It’s sad they never took the time to get to know me because they were too busy being distracted by the physical. There’s so much beauty in a person to be exposed, but half of the time we don’t even realize it because at some point or another, those words start to get us. Do you remember that little saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? Well, my friends, that is not true by any means. Words have so much power and can break someone down in a matter of seconds. Those sticks and stones can only do so much damage to the flesh, but those hurtful words stick with you and break your soul and get glued to your brain, leaving a mark lasting you throughout your life.

Back in Junior high school, I probably weighed about 200 lbs, and stood at maybe only 5 feet tall. Walking up the stairs was a struggle, walking in itself at times was a struggle, and P.E? Please, do NOT get me started. Oh my, what a struggle it was. I was being forced to meet standards of kids less than half the size of me, and being given a letter grade that didn’t even define me. There was this one sport though, and that was basketball. Man, any time I had the rock in my hand it was going down baby. I had handles like a master chef in the kitchen whipping up some of the most delicious cake you could ever imagine, (don’t take that as a personal fat joke you guys). I didn’t mind breaking a little sweat for the game because it was something I was so passionate about. I lived for that ball to go through the hoop just so I could say, “SWISH”. I felt so proud of myself because it was something I could show everyone I was good at, without people being distracted by my weight. Going into my freshman year, I was asked by the basketball coach at the time, Mrs. Rowe, if I would be interested in playing basketball with an automatic spot on the varsity team. There was one condition though, I had to lose weight. You see, basketball is fun, it gave me so much life, but I was tired about five minutes into the game. Huffing and puffing and my body just couldn’t handle it, so I would have to sit out. So, I turned down the offer. I didn’t feel like I could lose the weight necessary, nor did I try. It’s okay though, mistakes always lead to greatness if you allow them to.

Ever since the age of four, I’ve been in love with the drums. I’m twenty now, so I’ve been playing a total of sixteen years. In fifth grade, my teacher, Mrs. Borcherding, called the Gentry Middle School band instructor, Ms. LeFevre, informing her on how much of a talented musician I am. You see, they had just recently had the sixth grade band auditions, and I didn’t go. I wasn’t really all that interested considering I was already participating in the City Wide Drum line and Rhythm Band, lead by Glen Ward. Somehow, Mrs. Borcherding found out that I didn’t attend the auditions, and didn’t want me missing any opportunity. At the time I was at ease about it, but looking back, I realize she was looking out for me. She was someone who genuinely cared about my future and knew my true potential. I was given a scholarship which included everything I needed to participate in band that coming August. From sixth grade up until tenth, I grew on so many levels as a percussionist, and made a name for myself lasting me past graduation. Just that simple call that Mrs. Borcherding made opened so many doors and blessed me in so many ways. I began playing the drums for the youth choir of Second Missionary Baptist Church in seventh grade, and I auditioned for the Jazz band in seventh grade which lead me to become the only female drummer for the Jefferson Jr. High School Jazz band my eighth and ninth grade year. I received many awards such as the Best Soloist Award at the Phi Mu Alpha Jazz Festival, and I participated in the Hickman High School Marching Band my sophomore year. Now, after High School, I’m the full time drummer for Second Missionary Baptist Church. Being exposed to all that music also helped me realize other talents I have such as singing, writing, and rapping. I’ve done local performances, and I’ve even recorded my own songs in the studio. So, even though the sports didn’t work out at that time, I was able to gain my confidence back through the art of music.

Not everything is going to work out how we want it at times, but when it doesn’t, don’t give up. We all have many things that are special about us, not just one thing. So, if that one thing fails, find something else that interest you, and go pursue it. Never settle for less, and never limit yourself. Every one of us is created with a purpose. It’s our job to find that purpose, realize it, and accomplish it. Don’t be distracted by how you look, it’s the inside character that matters. You’re your number one motivator so remind yourself who you are everyday, and that is a “somebody”. Claim what you wish to be, and take the necessary steps to get there. Also, remember that you’re never too young to accomplish anything. Another thing we must keep in mind is that not everything happens on our time. I wasn’t losing weight back then, but I’ve been blessed to lose 60 lbs now, and it feels great. I’ve even gotten back into basketball, and the huffing and puffing has come to an end. There’s nothing impossible for you, you’ve just got to keep the faith, and get it done. “Life is too short to waste any amount of time on wondering what other people think about you. In the first place, if they had better things going on in their lives, they wouldn’t have the time to sit around and talk about you. What’s important to me is not others’ opinions of me, but what’s important to me is my opinion of myself.”C. JoyBe



Everyone has a story tell, if you would like to tell yours please contact me through email on my contact page located in the menu. Thank you 




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