Dont Force Life- Let it flow freely

Forcing my way through life, it seems as I try to control every little detail of my life. The more I try to control the more timid and on edge I feel when life throws unexpected things.  Constantly pressuring myself to maintain a level of perfection that will never be attainable because perfection doesn’t exist.  Yet, I seemingly seem to think that if I do a little more, change this, stop that, and it get it all together that I will be close to that. Meanwhile because I am so anxious, and subconsciously criticizing my self to a point of negative self consciousness,  causing the joys of the moments to be taken from me. Me, continually trying to force my views of what my life should be is like forcing an elephant in a cardboard box. This feeling get me feeling overwhelmed, questioning my life, doubting my future, and stealing the blessings of the day.

It seems as though I can’t enjoy the moment because I am judging every little aspect of the life stage I am currently in. Making, everything seem forceful because I am trying to force everything to be the way I imagine it. However, the truth is life will never be exactly the way I imagine it, because there is never going to be perfection. the truth is we live in a world full of imperfection, full of good and not so good moments, full of sickness, pain, and uncertainty..  By me continuing to put speculations and standards on things in life that will never reach them is like trying to say that a zebra doesn’t have stripes. We know though that zebras have stripes, just like we should know that everything in life wont go as planned.

Like clockwork we are well aware of this fact, yet continue to try to convince ourselves that perfection, our ultimate self, and that life will go exactly the way we want it. Having this type of mindset has done nothing for me but create a bunch of anxiety, disappointment, frustration, worry, stress, and negativity. It creates these because I am trying to continue to force a my way or the highway type of mindset on almost everything in my life.

This type of mindset will get you no where and has gotten me nowhere. The key is to not force anything but instead let life flow. Its okay to have goals, dreams, standards but dont let those overtake your mind so much that you are not flexible, and not living in each moment of the day. We will never be able to have everything we want in life, the way we want it. But that doesn’t mean that what we have, do, see, and feel in the moment and stages we are  in mean nothing.  In fact they mean everything, every little moment we encounter means something.  Whether that moment be bad or good, they all have a meaning.

It is a much better feeling within my mind and soul, when I am just letting life flow freely. Freely as being open to the possibilities that good and bad will happen, and that things will not go as planned but being able to adapt to anything that I may encounter.  Always keeping in the back of my mind, my dreams but not minding the life happenings that may and will come my way. Instead learning from them, and spending the day loving, growing, learning, seeking out the positive and the good things that life does have to offer.

Freely flowing through the circumstances, outcomes, frustration and etc in life. Allowing them to build you up. Letting life flow sets you up for more enjoyment of life. It sets it up for you to be able to control your reactions and perceptions as each moment comes your way.

Instead of trying to force each moment into your ideal life and missing the opportunities because of clouded focus. Live in each moment, embracing even the difficulties and make the most out of every moment that life gives you.

Dont force life it doesn’t get you anywhere, instead be gently directed, as you are focusing on the best of every moment. Because in every moment there is a lesson to learn, if your eyes our open, heart is in it, and mind is unclouded. The saying you only have one life to live is true, dont waste it trying to force something to happen that may never happen. Instead focusing on making the most of life with what happens, all while keeping a clear direction of the dreams you have. Letting go enough to be okay if things take a turn, life is not a straight path but instead a curvy road.



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