How One Man’s Hardwork Paid Off

There is always a dream or hobby that we pick up as children, and sometimes those childhood dreams are things that we let slip, or that we hold on to.  The passion for something as child can be accustomed to the people and environments around us that feed into us when we our young.  If those skills, values, and direction are things that can build us up, then its most likely that they will be used in our adult lives for something good.   Something good such as seeing your uncle work on cars, being able to tinker with car parts which could encourage hard work and a love for cars at a young age.

That is exactly the story of Jeff, who as a child loved to watch and help his uncle, as well as a childhood friend work on cars. ” Growing up around it”, is what he says sparked his interest and love for working on cars. Although, he has always worked on cars for a long period of time on the side, he had to start somewhere else before he was able to establish his own business.

Humble beginnings can be a key to being grateful when you finally do make it. Before Jeff could start his own auto repair he states ” I managed restaurants.” Through managing restaurants he learned many skills that have also equipped him for success in being a business owner.  The struggle was being able to continue to be motivated to work in restaurants when he really had the desire to work for himself. ” I saved money for 7 years, before I had enough to quit my job and know that I would be okay for a while, until I found out what type of business I really wanted to do,” Jeff proclaims.  His love for cars, and his daughter are the constant motivation that drives him to wanting something to call his own.

So somethings just take hard work and a whole lot of patience, but if you are willing to believe that you can achieve, you can do it. Jeff lucked up and was able to find a older auto shop, that he was able to purchase, and has over the past several months cleaned up and remodeled it.

The community will love the fact that Jeff’s Auto Repair intends on being the cheapest auto shop for oil changes in town, at only $10.00. This will be a forever price, that will keep customers happy and coming back. Their hours will be even more compatible to the consumer needs with hours from 8 to 5 Monday through Sunday.   This will be the only auto repair shop in Columbia that is opened 7 days a week. If you need any  tires, Jeff’s Auto Repair will have all your tire needs at the lowest price in town for a used tire.

Jeff’s story is one that shows that sometimes you have to endure, wait, and work hard in order to accomplish your dreams. But his story also shows that if you are willing to do all of those plus some, that your dreams are capable of achieving. Sometimes it takes someone else believing in you as a child, to help you believe in yourself as an adult.

Believe in yourself and always believe in your dreams….. because you are worth it!

Jeff’s Auto Repair would like to invite you to their Grand Opening… Sunday, May 1st

Come Out and Enjoy some free BBQ & Soda

( For more information please contact Jeff at 573-814-9538 or 573-449-2622)

( Disclaimer; elevateursoul is not an affiliate or receiving and compensation from this business)


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