May, 5, 2016- Finding My Way

Dear Diary:

I just wanted to send a quick update, thanking several people who have liked, shared, commented, or subscribed to my blog. I want to say that it is greatly and deeply appreciated

I have been having a really hard time writing lately, and some of me believes thats because of the fact that I have lost focus of what the original intent of this blog was about.

I have altered the focus of it, trying to fit in with whats hot, verses what I really am passionate about. I altered it in search of finding the best ” in” niche, not realizing that what I already possess is my niche, and my ” in” thing. My niche is truly just my story that I already have, that I have yet to begin to speak of because I have been trying to do post that will get the most views, or the most this or that. Which in a sense thinking this way has completely begin to damper the passion that I have for writing because I am starting to look at numbers, instead of what I really intended which is for me to just enjoy sharing, and feeding into peoples lives with my passion for writing. I have begun to think about numbers, and have lost focused on the passion. When really it doesn’t matter the amount of numbers that I hit. Whether it is one person or 1,000,000 people,  the numbers dont make or break me as a writer, and numbers should never be something I judge myself on.

Numbers now days speak from stand points, of really good seo, marketing, advertising, and etc. Its like there is not authentic growing really anymore. I wont allow the numbers, to discourage me. I wont allow whats “in” to make me feel like, what I have to write or what I have to say is not in just because it doesn’t coincide with the ” in ” thing in the world.

I have always used writing as an expressive outlet for the pain, life experiences, joy, and really my perceptions of life. I have always been able to write freely, and love the impact that I have on others, with the words that I write and speak. I don’t want writing to become about numbers or money. I don’t want writing to become  just another blog post about the same o topic again. I want my writing to be just as I am unique and original. I want my writing to tell a story, my story from the good, and bad. From the past, to the present, to the ups and downs. I want someone to come to my blog and see that they are getting real, and not just a copy. I want people to come to my blog to see that there is someone who is, or has gone through something that they have. I want people to come to my blog and feel the things that I write about within the depths of their souls. I want my blog to be a place that changes lives, gives encouragements, spreads love, and shows just how good Jesus Christ is , and how he can and will change and save lives.

I want people to see that you can come from being broken, alone, angry, and so many other negative things, to being free, together, happy,  loved, peaceful and so much more. I dont want people to come and see just another list with this many # of reasons to do something.

That was my original intent of this blog, but I have transformed it because I have thought about others opinion of it, verses just thinking about what I want and what makes me happy.

So, with that being said, I am changing my direction of this blog. I am going to be revamping a lot of stuff, and taking it back to where I originally saw this going. I wont be deleting any post that I have already created, but will be changing the atmosphere of this blog. .

I have to do what makes me happy, and I have to love it. I have to love it so that other people can be inspired and love it to.

My story is one heck of a life lesson, where through life its self I have earned many PHD (lol). There are plenty of   great post that can be told, that I already have inside me , that I dont have compare them to another website, because its my own authentic story.

I am ready to tell it, and not be afraid. I am ready to ELEVATE UR SOUL, by continuing to ELEVATE MINE….

Thank you for your understanding, as I work through the journey of finding myself again….



A girl finding her inner power


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