Dont Lose Faith….

Sometimes you  can just be flowing through life, and in that moment that your flowing through life, you can be working or being where ever you are in that moment in time. Sometimes in certain moments even though you may have been in a positive moment through out that day for instances, doesn’t mean that negative moments wont happen even though we may have a temporary moment of positivity. However, when we are in a positive moment we sometimes expect for it to be always positive, or have some image in the back of our mind of the perfect moment , or the perfect life. When you are expecting nothing to go wrong, it can sometimes shock your moment when its something that you weren’t expecting that did go wrong.  Through that expectation of nothing going wrong for another slight moment we may respond, with acting or saying with something negative. We may or may not have the tendency to do this, it may or may not happen all the time, or maybe even not all or at all.

Although there are many ways to look at it,  what I am not saying in this post is to think negative or be fearful about something negative happening nor am I saying that everything has to be positive all the time. I am saying that because of our perceptions and expectations sometimes when bad things happen, we tend to respond drastically, emotionally ( anger or sadness, confusion, you know emotions, just depending one what kind of bad news you have, honestly I have instances where I have felt all of these at once, not many but few…. the ones that really hurt lol).

When these negative things happen we have moments were we let faith slip and begin to respond with negative relievers  or with negative perceptions. This is basically stating what wa. We also may question ourselves, whats going on, God, family, friends, and the world. Some may call this the freak out mode, the drop a few tears… the got to be strong moments. But, even being strong, and having positive moments doesn’t mean you sometimes slip up and lose faith because we all do.

What the lesson is in having faith that you do not believe in the problems right in front of you. To me the true definition of having faith is being able to have it at all times, in every situation, and realize that everything is going to be okay, even if there is  bad moment for a moment. We all live, we all die, but its in the good and bad moments that make life what its all about. When we lack faith, complain, worry, have anxiety, lust, and etc these things tend to take life away, especially if we are chasing after the wrong things, or doing these why bad moments happen.

Through this type of thinking, the training of being able to trust God quicker, with faith, trust, surrender, the more peace, love, freedom, strength, knowledge, patience I am getting in place of that. But everyone is flawed we will never be perfect, we can only choose with our perceptions and Gods guidance whats best for our life.

The fact that we are given free will is how  everyone is able to choose how they will live their life, to a certain extent.  We can not of course choose are parents, or are environments, but at a certain age we can begin to.  We can choose how we look at life, who are friends are, who we are. There are just some who choose to live life on the positive side than others, do right vs do wrong, and any other thing one tends to respond.

Looking at life with faith, believing, trusting, loving, having freedom and peace more and more is a lot better feeling than lacking faith, negativity, worry, anxiety, anger, confusion.

The more I choose faith, love, trust, hope, and utimately boiling down to it… the more I choose God, the more I slowly be free from these things, and be transformed, and perception changed fully. Even though I am still growing in faith, spiritual maturity, and maturity in some other areas doesn’t mean I stop having faith, or choose something negative.

Even when I do lose faith or slip up with something negative. I will repent, and push harder tomorrow. Bottom line, I will never be perfect, but just because I will never be perfect doesn’t mean I just go out and sin with my eyes wide open, and risk my life , or happiness, living a life I am not really about. It also doesn’t mean that just because I will never be perfect that I can’t be a new me, transformed into his likeness.

Faith is the key, and you slowly learn on this life long journey, that God is the ultimate key, and through him you have the key to all things. Which far out weighs anything materialistic the world could offer or the negative emotions, and letting the bad events that will happen take your faith, and change your perception from positive to negative.

Having FAITH and KNOWING and TRUSTING and BELIEVING that God will see you through, even the bad moments in life.


4 thoughts on “Dont Lose Faith….

  1. I loved you thoughts on “Faith”, that even though we will never be perfect it’s important to work towards that and when we fall short to repent and move forward. I believe it’s the process we are suppose to engage in that is important not the actual perfection.
    Thanks for sharing and reminding us!


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