Valuing Relationships Again

 We all crave relationships, there are several different types of relationships that we have on a daily basis. We have relationships with a significant others, family, friends, and we even have a love/ hate relationship with work.  These relationships that we have can either hurt us or they can help to grow us.  The difference here being either we have healthy relationships or unhealthy relationships.  Unfortunately with the world we live in today, it seems as though the unhealthy relationships are on the rise. Well, are they on the rise, or are the way that we value people and relationships being changed. We went from a society that used to have great communication, show love, give empathy, and a helping hand. Now we have become a society with little to no communication, show hate, judge and scrutinize.

We are constantly being pushed and enticed with many ” standards”, ” values”, that actually cause us to devalue the relationships that we once valued.  In some instances we have developed the mentality of ” money over everything”, that have changed our perceptions from the value of whats truly important to the value of having materialistic items.

 We have become a society  based off the superficial of materialistic and looks.  The simple things that were once enjoyed in everyday life, are now replaced with complicated things that only bring temporary satisfaction.  We are pressured in the world to value self and things, instead of love and the things that money can’t replace.

There are many factors that have gone into the decreasing of healthy and valued relationships, whether specific individually or society at whole, there is a lack of love.

We all may have been guilty of getting side tracked on the not important stuff. We all may have encountered unhealthy relationships in our lives that may have caused us to rethink about relationships at whole.

Why, do we allow the bad relationship of one cause us to stop loving, and showing affection? We all know that no one is perfect, and the possibility of getting hurt is possible but why do we let it make our hearts cold? So, we are working up against what we have been through in relationships whether good or bad, as well as working against the values the world tries to press up on us.

The key is to be able to know what you do and do not want in a relationship. To remember that no one is perfect, and the perfect person may not have all in which you want, but hey your not perfect either. The key is remember what is truly important in life, and although the world tries to make it seem that materialistic items and status are important, they are not as important as loving, laughter, happiness, compassion and etc. Money and things can never replace love, because although people claim to love money, there are still a lot of rich people who are extremely unhappy.

We need to get back to spending  quality time that doesn’t involve our phones, or showing affection with what we can buy. We need to get back to face to face communication, verses sending a quick text. We need to get back to valuing whats on the inside instead of the looks we have on the outside. We need to get back to being honest and open. We need to get back to the commitment, and to not giving up.  We need to get back to listening and understanding instead of judging, and rushing.  We need to get back to building relationships that will last far longer than the things we possess or gave when we die. We need to get back to enjoying the simple things in life, and doing things that money can not buy.

Relationships are what makes us, us. We may say that we want to be alone and have no relationships but we really do want relationships, we were created to love. We were created to be connected with one another. There are just circumstances that happen to us or around us that cause us to not alter, take away, or make us not want to love. The truth is though no matter how much stuff we try to accumulate, nothing will satisfy us like the feeling of being loved.

The truth is that when we die, which we all will die one day, we can not take any materialistic things with us.  The truth is that we work our whole lives to obtain things we can not even take with us. The truth is that the things that we have  right in front of us, sometimes go neglected. The truth is that the things that we can leave behind such as love, kindness, laughter, compassion, loyalty, great talks, quality time and etc are the very things that we keep passing by. The truth is that we need to value whats really important instead of letting the world, or the past hurts stop us from giving our all in all that we do.

Giving love all you have, giving compassion, kindness, quality time, empathy, understanding, listening and so many other great attributes will make you feel more complete than any car, house, clothes, degree, body, and etc that you could have.

Take the time to  value relationships today, because you never know when that relationship could end. Don’t wait until its to late to start loving someone, start loving today.

Here are just a few ideas that you can do to help start  to value relationships again

  1. Send a card to someone that you haven’t in a while
  2. Make a phone call  to someone you haven’t talked to in a while
  3.  Take the time to listen to someone you haven’t been listening to
  4. Turn off all electronics and just soak in the quality time
  5. Do something enjoyable but free with someone
  6.   Volunteer somewhere together
  7. Take a walk
  8. Do something you haven’t done before
  9. Learn to communicate more effectively
  10. Make mends with someone


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