Is Your Friend A Good Friend? 15 Good Friendship Traits

Friends is a word that gets tossed around a lot especially on social media. If you look at facebook for instances you add friends, but out of thousands of people we have as ” friends”, how many can we actually say are our friends? The value of true friends has been replaced with the quick gratification of having numbers and likes on our social media accounts.  The value of friendship is slowly diminishing , when we have media that continuously devalues the importance of connection.  Connections, with not only friendship, but love as well have been seemingly placed with the need of things verses the need for connections. Although, deep down we all long for connections  we are sometimes  afraid of being vulnerable enough to either create new ones or improve the ones that we have.

Have we lost touch with what it means to be true friends? Have we instead replaced friendship and love, with things? Have we stopped investing in our relationships?

Are we expecting perfection from people that we know is not possible, and that we ourselves could never obtain? Is this longing for perfection driving us away from the imperfect relationships that we have? Why have we begin to value things more than we value people?

Why has it become so difficult to just simply be someones friend? Why has it become so hard for people to just step out of their comfort zone and make new friends?

We get in a state where we may not be satisfied with the friendships we have now, yet we still stay in them. We stay in friendships that we know are toxic , not growing us, maybe taking advantage of, and don’t respect us. Yet, we stay in these type of friendships because they provide the one thing that everyone likes to feel… COMFORT. We become comfortable with the same type of friends, we become comfortable with how they treat us. We become so comfortable that even though deep down inside we know the relationship isn’t good for us, we stay because of the fear of discomfort. We fear the discomfort of being alone, of having to make new friends, what the old friends may say about us, and truly just fearing the unknown.

This is not what friendship is about and this is not true friendship. This is more so settling for what you think is best or what you deserve. However, no matter what you may have done in your life or what has been done to you, no one deserves to be treated wrongly.

Friendship is more than just saying your friends, buying a cute best friends two piece necklace, or adding friends on facebook. Friendship is a life-long investment, its about building relationships that last through the storms and the good times in your life.

Below are 15 Traits that can make a good friend

15  Good Friend Traits

1. Trustworthy

spongebob and patrick

Trusting can be hard when you have so many people do things to lose your trust. A good friend should be the one person that you should be able to trust with no second guesses.


2. Honest

friends honesty.jpgA good friend is going to be able to tell you what you need to hear not always what you want to hear. the ability to have someone willing to be completely honest with you is something that you should hold dear to.

3. Loyal

winnie the poohHaving someone that is not going to turn on you, or talk about you behind your back is a loyal person. Loyalty speaks great measures on a persons characteristics, you wont someone who you know is going to speak highly of you, and represent you no matter what.


spongebob and krusty krab.pngYou want a friend that is reliable as spongebob going to work for the krusty krab. You want to be able to know that you have someone that you can depend on at moments notice if need be.

5. Enjoyable

enjoyable friends.jpg A friend should be enjoyable to be around, someone that lifts you up not brings you down.


friends understanding

A friend is understanding about how you feel, what your going through, or what you been through.



Having someone that can know when you need help without asking is someone that truly knows you. A good friend will be able to read from your actions if something is wrong. Even if you do tell them, you still want them to be able to support you through it.

8.Good Listener

good listener

Just having someone to be able to listen to what you have to say without always having to have a answer to it. Sometimes we just need someone to listen to what we have to say or what we are going through.

9.Not Judgmental


A friend should accept you just the way that you are both good and bad. They shouldn’t try to change you but instead should allow you to change on your own.


consistent friend.jpg

Consistency is the key when it comes to good friendship. You want to be able to have someone that isn’t going to just Frisbee in and out of your life.

11. Respectful/ Values You


Respecting and valuing your opinion and who you are is extremely important. The reason respect and value is important is because you want to have someone that will respect you even if they dont agree.

12. Doesn’t Gossip


A gossiping person is not a good character trait.  If a person would gossip to you about someone else, they could gossip about you to someone else.

13. Displays Good Integrity


Being able to know that a person is real with or without you. A person being able to have the ability to never change up, on who they are or how they act around other people.

14.Knows a lot about you

knows a lot about you

 A good friend knows a lot about you, from your favorite color, to your likes and dislikes.

15. Don’t Take Advantage Of You

doesnt take advantage of you.jpg

A friend is not suppose to use you for what you have. A friend is suppose to help you grow, not always take things from you.


These are just a few simple traits that good friends have, this is not by all means all of them but these to me are some of the most important ones that true good friends can have.  Friendships are not as hard to come by as we make them seem, it really just requires us to step outside of ourselves.


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