What is Unedited Life Photography?

If we look around at everything in our world today we will see that everything seems to be perfectly together. We portray the image of the perfect family, perfect school, perfect life, perfect country,  and perfect body. The key word however is portray, we can portray as if everything is perfect in our world, however we all know that perfection is not possible. For instance people spend millions of dollars to have the perfect look, yet still  are never satisfied. All of the media being thrown at us every day over and over are edited versions of perfection. These  images are thrown at us so much that we actually begin to think that perfection is possible, we actually begin to look at our own lives and compare it to the next. We are constantly  competing and comparing ourselves to something that we think looks perfect from the other side, yet we are blind to the fact they are imperfect to. We look at what society shows us to look at, which is the outside. We look at a persons look, status, money, and items. We fail to realize that even though these things may seem perfect, a person may be not be  feeling  on the inside what they portray on the outside.  We also never know what a person has gone through to get the things that they have. We also dont know that just because they have these ” perfect” things doesn’t meant that they are actually satisfied with their lives.

The purpose of this Unedited Life Photography is to be able to show the real world, real people, and real lives. This is to show the sides of places, people, and things that are imperfect in a imperfect world. This is to show that we dont have to photoshop everything, pay for anything, in order to see the beauty in every moment.

Each one of these pictures shown are ones that I have personally taken. Each picture will be of things that may be dear to my heart such as my children,  and family. They may also be random strangers that I meet at different places. They may be of objects that  just so happen to catch my eye. However, no matter what it maybe I want you to take from Unedited Life Photography a sense of empowerment to embrace the imperfections you have, as well as the world we live in.

Our every day lives are Unedited, so why take out all the beauty in that for edited perfection we will never be.  What we can be is the very best of who we already are, loving the people and things we already have, and believing that there is still beauty in imperfection.

p.s. all pictures will be unedited and uploaded just as I take them. The only thing added will be my website name, so that I can protect my work.  I  will either be using my Iphone 6 or my Nikon d3100 to take photos. Also I am not a photographer, these are just pictures I take on my own.


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