Unedited Life Photography #2

The value of older things can be immensely greater than the value of items that we have today. The value of items from older times in history are scarce to find, as well as not valued today as much as they truly should be. These items can be fun to look for, and collect to just have apart of American history. However, with all the evolving developments of today, people are not really as concerned with antiques as they used to be. The antique shops for instance in our community have began to close, one at a time. This fact saddens me to think, what direction our generation is actually heading in the future. The very items that should be desirable, the very items that cant be duplicated are the very ones we have begun to brush off as nothing. Yet, we are desiring items today of lessor quality, not really any good value,  and can be easily replaced or duplicated.

Why are we not valuing things that should be valued and valuing things that shouldn’t be valued?

Well, today’s photos happen to be another success of curiosity striking again.  I went to visit my father who is in prison, and along this two hour rural area drive has always been an antique book store. For years , I have been driving past it saying that one day I was going to stop in and actually take a look.  So, this Saturday, I finally acted on my gut feeling. Boy, was I happy that I did actually stop finally. This place was amazing, it was bigger than I thought just driving by. The older man that owned it had piles, piles, bookcases upon bookcases, artifacts, souvenirs and so much more. These items ranged from world war, civil war, Africa, lead soldiers, old medicine artifacts, wood work, and way more. I was so intrigued by all of the items that he had, there were over 4 buildings of things that he had. I ended up asking him how long he had been collecting these things and he said for over 47 years. The crazy part of this was that some of these items I thought I would never imagine that I would ever see. The experience was truly fascinating, it was literally a place that American Pickers would have died to go into lol.  This was the type of place that you could spend hours, maybe even days digging for the treasures of history.

I only spent about 30 minutes in the place, because I had to get back on the highway for home, but it is surely a place I will visit again.

Below are just a few pictures of a few items that I took a look at. I actually videoed more than I took pictures. I am working on putting a video up sooner or later.




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