14 Warning Signs to be aware Of A Unhealthy Relationship

Relationships are a great essential to have in our lives. All the relationships that we encounter can have influences of molding who we are.  Whether we face good or bad outcomes from those relationships they both teach us something about ourselves as well as others. If you look around the world today, there are millions of options of learning about relationships and all that goes into having one.  The fact that there are several different types of relationships that we have can determine, how exactly we handle those relationships. For instance you wouldn’t handle the relationship with your boss, the same way you would with your family. You wouldn’t handle the relationship with your friends like you would your mother. Although we have many different types of relationships,  they all  require different contributions of ourselves to those relationships, we should know how to handle them in a healthy effective way.

According to this article on Woman’s Health they report that in a 2014 study done by National Opinion Research Center a staggering 60 percent of people reported that they were unhappy in their marriage.  There is however confusion on why the level of happiness has began to decline.

Could it be do to the ever changing world around us that can put pressure on our own beings, therefore also causing us to put pressure on the ones around us? Could it be that with the increasing use of technology, we have begun to lose the art of communicating effectively within our relationships? Could it be that we simply get caught up in the demands of life around us that we forget to invest in our relationships? Could it be that we don’t know how to make ourselves happy therefore making it difficult to know how to make someone else happy?

Are we just getting out of touch with the most important thing in life…. Love?


Why is it that love is not a place for happiness any more, when love is suppose to be the thing that makes you happy?

Well, these are many questions that we all may ask ourselves, that we may never know the answer to. However, what can be answered are the signs of a unhealthy relationship and how they are not good  to the  determinant  of our beings.

Below you will find a list that has unhealthy relationship signs.

Signs Of Unhealthy Relationships


1.  Emotionally Abusive

A partner who is constantly criticizing you  about every little thing that you do or say. This emotional abuse can begin to tear you down on the inside, and can begin to drain you mentally. Harsh words should never be spoken, you are suppose to build someone you love up not tear them down.  There is a great saying that states ” Its not about what you say, its how you say it”, and this is exactly true. There is always a positive way to say something, even if what you have to say is  something negative.

2. Dishonest

Honesty is one of the best attributes to display. The trait of being able to tell the truth even if it hurts shows great depth of character. However in a unhealthy relationship, there tends to be more lies, sneakiness, and can cause someone to  dishonestly display how one truly feels in a relationship.


A partner who is controlling shows signs of jealousy, anger,  and demands the feeling of having power over someone. They may try to control what you wear, how you think, your friends, the things that you do, and so on. They will attempt to have you under their thumb with no feeling of freedom and individuality.

4.Doesn’t Grow You

The point of all areas of life and love is the purpose to have growth in ones life. We tend to choose elements in our life that we think will somehow benefit our growth as  a person.  When you have a unhealthy relationship however, it seems as though you are just in a toxic cycle which is on repeat.  Your relationship looks, feels, and is the same from the amount of time that  you may have been together. You can see that this person is not doing anything to grow you emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually.

5. Emotionally Unstable

A lot of unhealthy relationships tend to scream emotionally unstable. In a unhealthy relationship this maybe shown through mood swings, lashing out, and  uncontrollable emotions.


Manipulation is the trait that tends to keep a unhealthy relationship thriving for so long. Some people maybe so well at manipulating the mindset of another individual who may not be as strong minded, into doing anything that they want them to do.

7. Lack of Communication

There seems to be an issue with communication, its either really faint, non existent, or redirected into another not so deep subject matter. It may feel that your partner talks to everyone else, but you. It may feel as though you are being ignored, and getting the short end of the stick.

8. Not Understanding

No matter what you do it may feel as though, you just cant get the other person to get where you are coming from.  No matter how you try to explain or show it , they tend to  let what you are talking  to fly right past their head.

9. Lusting and Not Loving

This may look like your partner simply just using you for sex all the time. They treat you just like a sex symbol and away to satisfy their needs of passion. There is no real connection outside of having sex.


This partner may do anything other than being faithful. This is extremely harmful to a relationship. If a person is unloyal to you that basically means that a person is also unwilling to be committed. You cant have a relationship with a person who is not even willing to be committed to you.

11. Constant Arguing

There is always going to be  little disagreements in relationships. However there is a difference between healthy disagreements and belligerent, aggressive arguments. If there isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t argue chances are you are not in a healthy relationship.

12. You feel trapped and like you lost yourself

There may be different levels of unhealthy relationships that may get to the point of you feeling like you are trapped inside a relationship you don’t want to be in. You may begin to feel like you don’t know what you would do without this person. Even though you know the relationship isn’t good you stay, because of whatever fears you make up or ones your partner may  try to make you feel. You may get so caught up in satisfying the unhealthy partner that you lose touch with who you really are.

13. Physically abusive

It is never okay for partners to be physically abusive to one another. Domestic violence is never something that should be accepted or done from either side. Being physically abused is a definite must of needing to be removed from a unhealthy relationship

14. Prideful and uncompassionate

If someone has to much pride they can let that get in the way of actually showing love because they are thinking to much about themselves.


These are just some unhealthy relationship signs that you may or may not have encountered. There are possibly more signs other than just these as well, but these signs are the most common signs of  unhealthy relationships.  The thing about relationships is that they can always be turned around if you are both willing to accept, and work towards change. In the cases that one is unwilling to change, you should just look at the relationship and ask yourself is it truly something you want or that is benefiting you as a person. Love is love, and it is worth it. We just have to make the love we want be a healthy love for us to grow.



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    1. That is so true, I will be covering all aspects of relationships. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We need to spread more love because there is enough hate, anger, bitterness, worry, doubt and fear. Love can drive out fear and all of these things 🙂


    1. Thank You John I appreciate you reading my content. I would love to get more feedback, if there is anything that you would like hear about specifically please let me know. Thank you again for reading Elevateursoul, please dont forget to subscribe 🙂


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