Guest Post: Love Growth

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, But yet never explain how a broken heart can make suicide happen. Perhaps nobody understands that people really have feelings or how deep they are and true. People always say why should I care? There just feelings that can be replaced but yet they don’t know the process to heal a bullet wound to the chest. Better yet nobody asked for the nonsense, the abuse, nor did anybody ask for their heart to be played with and people have the nerve to sit back and laugh but what if it was you? Today’s world has made the human race cold hearted and careless because of the ignorance of what we can really do to each other. How can you love when you can’t love yourself? Why does hearts have to be hurt and feelings have to be crushed? Thanks for asking because I assume nobody cares enough. Nobody said this thing called life would be easy but yet nobody teaches how to come back from dying inside, in order to live. Love…… one of the biggest words to ever been used, without knowing the meaning. Love is one of the biggest words being used without the action. Love one of the biggest words being used that as a kid so many never felt, now how do you grow from that? Well they say a plant can’t grow without light, water, and sun but yet they don’t say the stages it takes or even how long the stages take. The stages you’re going through are like that flower, from the seed to the full growth and everything in between. Never lose your faith and seek God’s face because even in your lowest and your toughest he’s right there and loves you unconditionally and waiting for you to call on him. Never give up, never give in, but while you’re going through the stages he’s working everything out for you.


By: Chris Watkins


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