Celebrating Small Success

Celebrating seems to be a common aspect in the world; there are several things that we celebrate on a daily and yearly basis. If you look at how many people there are in the world, there is probably someone having a birthday each day of the year lol. If you look at all of the traditional holidays we celebrate year after year with various parties, fireworks and food. People celebrate success of achievements, new babies, new homes, weddings, engagements, new cars, graduations, going to a new stage in life and so much more.  However, with any celebration the celebrating is the only thing that people seem to emphasis on. The trials, tribulations, planning, leaps forward, leaps back, wrong directions,  the roller coaster of emotions, and failures are never shown.  Through everyone only see the glitz of the celebration whether a birthday, holiday or celebrating a new success, people think that you just go straight to the end result of the celebrating and don’t see all that it takes in between to get there.





Upon celebrating the common everyday areas, you see people celebrating what seem to be massive successes such as the Cleveland Cavilers winning the NBA Championship. These of course massive successes come with massive celebration, which to the common person seem lavish. The everyday person looks at these celebrities celebrating lavishly and question their own worth and accomplishments.  They question whether or not what they are doing on a smaller scale makes any difference.

Well, it does make a difference. Not every person in the world can drive around in a half a million dollar car to show off their success. Some people don’t want to drive around in a half a million dollar car even if they can show off their success lol. Not every person can do a lavish celebration to celebrate their accomplishments.  But, just because you can’t celebrate lavishly doesn’t mean that what you have accomplished is any less valuable.






The Webster definitions of success are 1. The accomplishment of an aim or purpose,  2. The attainment of popularity or profit,  3. A person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity.



Almost every little factor the world tries to push out to us, through the media, tries to tell us what their idea of success is. The idea of success that is constantly surrounding us, is that we have make a ton of money, have a ton of materialistic items, status, and popularity. Well according to a Forbes Article those highly successful people with all the wealth, status, materialistic items are only 1 percent of the population has and average income of $717,000 while the rest of the world has a income of $51,000. The article also goes on to give more interesting facts such as the 1 percent is worth about 8.4 million or 70 times the worth of the lower classes. Then there is a .01 percent of the top 1 percent that makes more than $27 million dollars every year which is 540 times higher than the national average income. And, with a gap such as that between the average person and the filthy rich, no wonder they can afford to celebrate lavishly without worry.





The point is to not focus on devaluing what it is that you may accomplish just because its not what they accomplish. Every person wants to be successful; however the idea of success is different for every person. Let’s not let the pressures of the American Dream, make us feel like we aren’t living a dream already. We must take the time to celebrate the small success in our lives, no matter what it maybe. We must take the time to push ourselves to accomplish something, no matter what it maybe. We must stop letting what we don’t have stop us from doing what needs to be done in order to get what it is that we need, or fulfilling our purpose.  We have to work for what it is we want for our lives, realizing that it is going to require us giving our all to the goals that we have for ourselves. The point is to be able to be patient with the journey on the way there, and be able to recognize the steps that you have taken, instead of beating yourself up for where you are not. Don’t let where you are not stop you in the moment from doing the necessary steps to get there.




Below I am introducing the idea of celebrating small success, and what exactly that means to do that as lavishly as you can.



Celebrating Small Success

Each and everyday we have success, we just have to change our perception of what success is. Success to the rest of the world may not be what success looks like to you. Success to you could look like you getting up in the morning everyday to go to work, it could be you’re a single mother that pushes everyday to smile through the pain, it could be you being clean from an addiction for however many days, it could be that you were lost but got saved through accepting christ, it could be that you just got out of prison and are working hard to change the cycle, it could be that you are working on losing weight, it could be that you graduated, it could be that you got your ged, it could be that you find reasons to smile even though your hurting, it could be that you made it to see another day, it could be that you learned something new, it could be that you helped someone in a worse situation than you, I t could be that you won a game with your sports team, it could be that the doctor gave you good results from a test.  The success could be a new job, an acceptance into college, it could be that you got rid of a old habit, it could be you learned something new.






The point is that no matter our financial status, there are successes in the everyday. Each and every step that you take to get you closer to accomplishing a goal that you have set for yourself is a success. Each and everything that you push yourself to do even when you don’t feel like doing it, is a success.   don’t down play your successes because it doesn’t look like what the world tells you is success.


Ways to start Celebrating Small Success

  1. Write down all the things that you have accomplished each day
  2. Start Recognizing the small things that you do
  3. set up goals for the week with small task to accomplish
  4. reward yourself with encouraging words, or small reward with the small steps you take
  5. be gentle, and patient with yourself- realizing that success does not happen overnight
  6. Think about your own definition of success, write it down and tape it to your mirror


The journey of life is not always fun, but it can be fulfilling, if you change your perception to look for the good and the small things that make the journey worth living. If you work hard and put the best effort in each and everyday to get done the steps now to get to where it is you see yourself being in the future.





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