Feeling Like The World Is On Top Of Your Shoulders

Grocery shopping, work, school activities with kids, friends, volunteering, homework, education , and so many other random life happenings each and everyday. The demands of life seem to keep piling up all around you, with no end insight.   The pressure seems to much to bear, every time you think you  have accomplished one thing  you  turn around and there is 5 or more different items piled up.  It feels as though the world is on top of your shoulders and there is just no letting up, it feels as though you are being crushed by life demands. The feeling of being lost, alone, depressed, angry, confused, anxious, sad, unworthy, used, and pity begin to sink in.  Your mind , body, and soul feels like if one more demand, incident, need, call, one more anything happens your going to collapse.



Somehow although you feel yourself feeling a little a weakness, you manage with Gods strength not to collapse.  You know that God is there, but your busyness, your independence, hasn’t been able to sit still long enough to soak in the fact that he is there, so you feel as though he is not.  You  begin to wonder why things are the way they are. You begin to wonder why it feels as though God is not there. You begin to wonder why  no one seems to care enough to lift one of these burdens on your shoulders. You begin to about if only this would happen, or if only this weren’t happening.



You begin to lose hope in the situation, in yourself, and in God.  You begin to question your existence and everything in it. You may even start taking it out on the ones around you that you love. You may even begin to take it out on yourself with negative down talk. You may even begin to question your existence thinking about the possibility of life if you weren’t here.


Life at the moment is just to much, and is taking away everything from you. All you want is to be free, all you want is someone to care, all you want is solution to  a problem, all you want is for there to be clarity, all you want is for the world on your shoulders to let up. All  you want is to know that your existence matters, that you are worthy, that God hasn’t forgotten about you, that life wont always  be this hard.


All you want is for different direction, all you want is to just simply be able to enjoy life in the moment. All you want is the ability to run life instead of life running you.

Well even though in this moment it seems impossible for any of this to be possible, it very much so is possible to be free. It is possible to have solutions for your problems, clarity, joy, direction, it is possible for you to know you are worthy, and to have people in your life that care.

However before any of these can happen there something’s that we have to come to grips with when it comes to carrying the world on our shoulders.

Feeling Like The World Is On Your Shoulders, Well Here Is How To Get It Off

  1. Realize that you can’t take on the world alone
    1. There are plenty of times where we take on too much on our own out of trying to be nice, or trying to get a lot done at once.  The best thing to do is only take on what we can handle, and sometimes that is only one task at a time. It is better to focus on one thing at a time and give full effort than to take on many and don’t give much effort. Don’t be afraid to say no to things that you can’t handle to do or to give task to others to do.

2. Be still.

The problems that we are facing may seem bigger than they actually are if we are in frantic busyness. We must learn to take the time to be still for a small portion of our days to truly analyze the situations that we are facing. Sometimes they are not as big as we think, we just haven’t set down long enough to think about them .


3.Solutions are possible

There are most always solutions to our problems, it may require us changing our perception and looking at them from a different way in order to find those solutions.  Change the way that you are looking at it, and you will find another way to solve it.


4.Beating up on yourself or others doesn’t solve anything

Beating up on yourself with negative comments will not make the situation any better, in fact it will make it worst. The more you speak negative, the more you think negative, the more you see negative, the more negativity seems to come into your life. Taking out your problems on others will not make the solution happen, or the problems end. Most of the time the people we are taking it out on are the people who are trying to help us the most. Speak life into your situations with positivity no matter what is going on, and always show love and kindness to the ones who are supporting you.



5.If you have no support find it

We sometimes set ourselves up for failure because our pride gets in the way of asking for help, but the truth is everyone needs help. Some of the most successful people like Oprah Winfrey, wouldn’t be where she is if she wouldn’t have gotten help from at least one person in her life. If you can’t get the help in your immediate circle then you need to branch out with local organizations, meet new people, get out of your comfort zone in order to get the help you need to move forward.  As well as just being able to have mental and emotional support when you feel like giving up.


6. Remember God is always with you

Sometimes when we are in the midst of the world feeling heavy on us, it seems like God is not there. The truth is God is always there, he is just waiting for us to slow down enough to be able to seek him. Don’t get so busy that you forget to go to the very one that will give you the strength, guidance, love, peace, and more that you will need in every moment.


7.Remeber that troubles are temporary

A lot of the things that we go through in the moment seem like it will never end or get better, until one day we look up and we are out of the storm we just thought would never end. If you approach every issue with it only being a temporary problem, it will help you to stay calm and not create anxiety for yourself, knowing that this storm too shall pass.


8.Everything you go through you grow through

The good old saying of everything you go through you grow through is so true, everything that we face in life is meant to grow us in some way shape or form. Even though we are in the heat of the moment and don’t see it like that, we always end up walking away from our problems learning more about ourselves, life, others, God, and how to deal with something the next time.


9.Enjoy the good and the bad in life

Its really ironic to tell someone to enjoy the bad in life, but we must really learn to enjoy the ups and downs and life because they are all apart of who we are, and are all apart of life. Even in the bad times in life there is still good somewhere, take heart even in the rough times.


10.No such thing as perfection

The quicker we come to accept the fact that life is not perfect and will not go as expected, the quicker we will teach ourselves how to handle the roller-coaster of life. Although everyone would love to live in a problem free world, were we got everything that we expected, it will never happen in this imperfect world. But just because we know we and the world were ever be perfect doesn’t mean that we cant learn to love ourselves and life no matter what comes our way.



Having the world on your shoulders is exhausting. We weren’t meant to carry the world on our shoulders, we were meant to just take on what we can control and allow God to do the rest. Let go of some of the things that are weighing you down, so that you begin to feel free, and enjoy the good, bad, and the ugly in life.




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