Ways to Invest In Yourself For Free



 Investment, when you think about this word a lot of people seem to think that it is only in monetary ways that you can invest. Things like stocks, bonds, and assets are things that come to mind when the word investment is in the picture.  Even though there are plenty of ways to invest with money, the greatest investment is with the things that money can’t buy, and the things that can’t be replaced with any amount of money. That asset is YOU! You are the biggest investment that you could have in life, because there is only one you and you  can’t be replaced. You are the only one that can do what it is you do in your life.  Therefore no amount of monetary value can replace the life it is that you have, because money and things can always be replaced. The issue however lies within the fact that many of us don’t see ourselves as investment, and because we don’t see ourselves as investments we end up deprecating the value that we have.  We depreciate the value that we have because we don’t do what it takes to invest in who we are.

 For whatever reason we have gotten the mindset of ourselves not being an asset to invest in. We have become instead a society in which the investment has been in materialistic items. Through investing in materialistic items that somehow covers up the things that we are lacking within ourselves.  The more we buy, the more we want, while still feeling completely empty inside. If its not that for you, maybe its the fact that people have fed nothing but negativity into your life and told you what it is that you couldn’t be, couldn’t do, and told you what you were by saying things like, ” you will never be nothing, your ugly, your lazy, you can’t do that”.  Being fed all of this negativity into our lives can make us give up on ourselves by believing what it is that people have told us that we are.

Maybe, it’s the fact that your environment  around you doesn’t encourage success. The environment around you is full of people who are doing nothing with their own lives. Maybe, the environment around you makes you feel like you can’t amount to anything because the people around you aren’t. If it is not the environment around you,  could it be that you want more for your life but you don’t know how to start.

Not knowing how to start, how to break free, what to do, not feeling worthy, and not feeling able, can make you not take the necessary steps to begin to work on the life that you truly desire to have.

Did you know that it is recommended that you spend at least 3% of your yearly income on investing in yourself? So, the fact is that they say 3% of your income is what your suppose to spend investing in yourself through various ways, in order to increase your value and be able to make more money, be a better and etc.  For example, if you make  $25,000 a year the investment you should make would be $750.00.  If you make $50,000 a year it should be $1,500.

But what if you don’t have that extra money to invest in yourself with that amount of money?

3% of your income to invest in yourself is not much, when you think about how much we waste on entertainment, and food every year.  However, there maybe some who aren’t willing to invest in themselves because they may not be willing to give those things up or they don’t see the benefits of investing that amount of money in themselves.

If you want to invest in yourself and can’t start with dishing out that amount of money, here are some solutions that I have come up with that will help you to invest in yourself for FREE!

Ways to Invest In Yourself For Free

  •  Read-  knowledge is free when you think about the endless sources of books that we have in our world. Now  reading has become even easier with eBooks, and kindle.  With all of the books out there in the world, there is no reason why you couldn’t find one worth reading. Take the time to read a book that is going to help in the knowledge that you need for your life.



2.Exercise-  Investing in your health is one of the best things that you could possibly do for yourself. Having a healthy mind, body, and soul will help you to be more successful in other areas in your life. You will have the energy and mindset that you need in order to make the best choices that you need to make, and to accomplish the most for your life. 

3.Podcast- Listening to podcast are absolutely free, and can be life fulfilling when you are listening to people that can help you learn new things. There are podcast out there for pretty much any area that you want to improve in your life, from finances, health, beauty, and life in general.  Here is a link to great podcast that will start you on the right track

4. Finding a mentor- Finding someone that is on a higher level than you are, that can feed into your life is not only free but fulfilling. Having someone that you can talk to and can help you with questions that you may have, can help you invest in yourself in ways that you probably wouldn’t have if you didn’t have someone to help you along the way. 

5.Spiritually-  Having enlightenment spiritually through mediation, yoga,  and devotional can be a huge investment on your outlooks on life. Having a spiritual enlightenment can help with your lives purpose and direction, and is completely free to begin. 

6.Free Classes- There are plenty of classes, business meetings, informative sessions in your local community that you can attend to begin to invest in your way of life as well. The public library could also be a good source for classes that can help advance your knowledge in several areas such as technology.  Do some research in your local community to see if you can find events like one million cups, or other free sessions. 

7. Internet-  The world wide web is one of the biggest sources that  you can begin to use for free to invest in certain areas of your life. There is nothing that you can’t look up on the web to help you in one way or the other.  You tube is a great source to listening to motivational speakers such as et the hip hop preacher or Les brown, as well as looking at tutorials. 

8. Networking-  Is not only free, but meeting new people, and expanding your circle is investing in yourself because through meeting new people you get new connections which can grow you through opportunities you may not have had before. It will add a richness to your life, by having a great support team that you can count on. Get outside of your comfort zone, and begin to talk to people. 

9.Volunteering, interning, job shadowing-   Not only are these things not going to hurt your pockets, but they will feel you with a irreplaceable joy and experiences.  Volunteering, job shadowing, or interning is a great way to begin to get experience in the fields or areas in your life that you want to begin to invest in or in areas that you dream about being in.  Getting experiences could potentially lead to bigger and better things for your life. 

10. Start Saving to be able to invest in yourself- Saving money is free, because all you have to do is save some of what it is that you are already making. If you have it in a savings account earning good interest you are on your way to be able to invest even more money. The more money that you save the more that you can begin to expand ways that you are investing in yourself such as attending huge conferences, meeting successful people, and so much more. 

Investing in yourself with both free methods and paid methods can be the life changing factors that you need in order to launch your life in the direction in which you want your life to go. Don’t put you aside because of what people may say, or what you do or do not have, make away for you because no one else will make away for you. You have to realize that you are worth the money, the time, the energy and anything else that you have to invest to yourself. You are worth putting your best foot forward, and getting everything out of life that you could possibly want.

2 Corinthians 9:6

The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.

Proverbs 13:11

Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it.


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