Some People Will Never Change… That Doesn’t Mean You Can’t

Okay, lets just face the fact that some people will never change. There are some people in your life that no matter how much your try to help them, they still remain the same. Sometimes, when the people around us don’t change, it can make us question our own change.  The fact that they are staying the same, makes us question whether or not we should change.  They even may say things to try bash what it is that you are doing. They may say stuff like ” why are you doing that, you will never make it, you think your better than everybody else, and etc”. Simply enough because they are stuck in their ways they will make it seem as though what your doing in your life  to better it, is completely wrong. Negative people stuck in their ways, see it as wrong because it may challenge the way that they are living and thinking. So in turn to try to make themselves feel good about what they are or are not doing in their lives, they find ways to criticize or complain about what it is that you are doing.

You may or may not be doing anything wrong, it just because it doesn’t line up with what they are doing that makes it a problem.




Or, say for instance that in the past you might have carried yourself in a particular way that was negative just like the people around you. You may have complained, didn’t have goals, talked foul all the time, gossiped,  been lazy, fought, drank,  or any negative behavior.  But, you woke up and realized that these behaviors were getting you absolutely no where. So, you decided to start changing yourself, into something new. One by one you start changing our behaviors and your make up ( this of course doesn’t happen over night), and instead of people being happy for the positive changes your making they ridicule you for not doing the same old behaviors that you used to.  Even though you, yourself know that you are changing, the people around you still see you as the person that you used to be.

You may start to ask yourself is it even worth it to change, when the people you want support from ridicule you for that change. For some people especially for men, this pressure can be so intense that it will cause them to not want to experience the change, even when they know its better for them. For men they may experience, people calling them weak, or might be told they are  switching up.   The acceptance of others, and wanting of others approvals either from loved ones or from strangers, can be so strong that it stops people from pursuing more with their lives. Some people figure that staying the same is better because then at least people will accept them, they wont have to go through the hardship of changing, and  they feel as though they will have support.

These thoughts are untrue, and designed to keep you stuck. If these people really supported you , they would support that you want to do something good for your life. People who are doing nothing with their lives are going to make it seem like its wrong for you to do something good with yours because they have nothing good going for themselves.

No matter how much we may try to avoid change within ourselves, everything around us is going to change with or without us. People are always going to accept things that are just like them. If you are acting negative with the same toxic behaviors they are, of course they are going to accept it.


You have to realize that change is good for your life. That change is meant to help us  reach our fullest potentials in life. It is only when we decide to stop changing, growing,  and learning that we stop ourselves from reaching that potential.

You have to realize that you are worth changing for the better even if that means having to leave some people behind. You have to ask yourself what is more important to you, your dreams or being accepted by people who don’t even have a dream.  You have to realize that success, and greatness means going through the hardships of life, whatever it maybe. It could mean the hardships of changing, distancing yourself from loved ones, failing a few times, making mistakes, meeting new people, getting out of your comfort zone and so many life happenings. But that doesn’t mean that you stop just because of those things. It doesn’t mean that you stop desiring what is best for your life because the people around you aren’t doing anything with theirs.

You can change, and if life is already changing around you, you should just change for the good  with it. Ask yourself what you would be losing by changing. Ask yourself what you would be gaining if you did change.

Do you want to be in the percentage of people that do what it takes to reach their dreams or do you want to be in the percentage of people who settle and give up?

Are you allowing others opinions of you to stop you from making the changes that you need to make, to have the life that you want to live? Do you want your life condition to get worse or to get better?

Do you want to look in the mirror everyday and say to yourself  I wish I would have, I regret this, I could have done this? Do you want to say that you allowed others to stop you from reaching your full potential.?


You are brave, strong, worthy, loved, respected, motivated, determined. You are enough to make the changes that you want. Don’t let someone else desiring to stay the same, make you not want to change.




Here are some ways below that will help you to go after the changes that you want in your life.


Ways to help you start seeking the change you want in life.




Start by writing or drawing in a journal everything that you want for your life.  Take the time to sit alone and to really get in touch with yourself  and ask yourself what is it that I really see myself doing or becoming.



Once you have a idea  of the ideas, changes, and image you have of your life, start writing goals to achieve them.  If you are just starting to seek out change, just start with one small goal at a time.




Find a mentor outside of the environment, and people around you that would be willing to help you along the journey and show you things that you haven’t thought about.  Normally, there are already people in the community or programs that would be willing to help you find a mentor for your life.


Positive Affirmations-

If people around you are only saying negative things to you, its up to you to be able to start with keeping your mind in a positive place. Think about all the positive things that you are, or who you want to be and write them down on notecards, pieces of paper or etc. Once you do this, have them in a place that you can easily access or see them everyday to be able to remind yourself. Tape them on your mirror, put them on your wall, have them in your phone, say them in your head. Surround yourself with these positive things, to keep your mind in the right spot.


 Prayer/ meditation-

These help to keep my mind focused and on track, It keeps my thoughts clear and gives me the direction that I need to make the next step.



Begin to build a community of people that are outside of  the people who are doing the things that you don’t want to do.  Sign up for free classes, get out and meet new people. Put yourself in the type of places, around the type of people that you desire to be like so that you can start making those changes.



Remember Your Why

Remembering why you want to change will help motivate you on the days that you feel like giving up. Remember why you started, why you want to continue, and why you want to be where it is you want to be in your life .


You should never feel guilty for something that you are meant to do in life.  You are meant to live abundantly. You are meant to live prosperous. You deserve to have something good going for your life. No matter where you have been, what you are going through, you

can change. It is never to late to change. The thing is you have to be the one to want that change.  You can want that change even if no one else around you wants that change.

CHANGE TO BE THE PERSON YOU SEE YOURSELF BEING!!! Because you only have one life to live, one impression to make on the world, so how will you make yours today?





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