How To Start Over

How to start over , it seems as though the reason that you found this post is because you may have reached a point in your life that you are fed up, stuck, don’t know what to do, feel all hope is loss. If you have found this post you have probably asked yourself the question how can I get away from the habits, people, and sometimes even yourself to just feel like you are free and living life. Chances are if you have found this post you may have tried to hit the reset button on life a time or two, only too realize that there is no reset button on life.  Starting over seems like a complex math problem, that has no visible solution in sight.  Somehow it seems that learning how to start over  with a new beginning that magically erases all your mistakes, failures, worries, fears, bad memories, seems like the ideal fantasy that no one is actually figuring out.

At times you may feel frustrated, angry at the world, yourself, sad, and on a different emotional roller coaster each and every day. You may have attempted several times on your own to figure out how to start over with a new beginning. You may have searched google for techniques, read several different self help books, listened to the smartest, positive person you know, made goals and to do list out the wazoo, but still you feel like nothing has changed. You still wake up every morning feeling like blah, this is the same o boring routine that I do every single day. You still have encounters with family that may feel like, are they always going to be so nagging, and toxic. You still may feel like no matter what you do its still never good enough for your boss. You still may feel like I could have everything that I could possibly ask for yet nothing is changing. You still may feel like although you have felt like you knew how to start over with a new beginning, you still end up with the same o dead end results.

Well, what if you realized that one starting over with a new beginning is possible. But what if the reason you feel like you don’t know how to start over with a new beginning is because your perception of starting a new beginning is all wrong.

Starting Over.png



The first mistake that we make  in wanting to learn how to start a new beginning is that we think that starting a new beginning means that we get to erase everything it is we have ever done. We may think that we can get the family members we don’t like out of our life and everything will be okay. We may think that if we buy that new wardrobe it will help us to start a new beginning that we have been wanting. We may think will if I didn’t have this boss, or didn’t do this routine everyday, than I can start a new beginning and live my life free.

Howeve,r that is where the issue is. The issue lies within thinking that new beginning starts with anything outside of who we are. A new beginning doesn’t start by stopping or starting something in the outside world around us.  It starts within us, in who we are as individuals. Whether it is materialistic items,  people, places, past, present or future that we try to blame  for stopping us from obtaining a new beginning, until we see that it starts first with us, we will continue to see and feel that a new beginning is not possible because we are relying on things outside of ourselves to determine that new beginning.

That new beginning first has to come from you  realizing the following;









How To Start  Over A New Beginning

  1. Realize what you believe is your definition of a new beginning. Really take some time alone, and write it down on what your ultimate new beginning would be. If you write everything down, and you realize that 90% of your list has to do with outside things that are not in control,  give it a while and then take the time to write down how you could start over a new beginning simply by looking to see what changes or things that you would like to see happen for yourself.



2. Know that nothing can truly be erased and that things that have already been done can not be changed.  If you are having a hard time forgiving someone or yourself, or even moving on from something that happened in your life, take some time to figure out what that is and why it is. You must figure out what it is that maybe holding you back, and come to peace with it in order for you to move on and begin to work on a new beginning within yourself. A lot of the time we can’t start a new beginning because we are still holding on to something from the past, that we relive all the time.


godGrant Me the serenity to accept the things i can not changethe courage to changethe things i canand the wisdomto know the difference.png



3.  You must see what it is that you do and don’t like about your life at the current stage that you are in. Ask yourself what is making you feel like you are not living life or that you are not free and write it down.  Try your best to look at all aspects that has to do with your own actions, don’t be quick to point the blame, because sometimes a lot of things that we may feel are causing us to not live life, actually end up being our own actions. Once you know what you are unhappy with at this current stage in your life, take the one thing that you would like to work on the most, and begin to look up, talk to , research and do whatever it takes to begin a new beginning with that thing in your life.

Take a look.png






4. Notice that how to start over with a new beginning may not always be big changes that shake the earth or anything lol. But realize that each step that you take to better yourself, get in touch with your inner self,  and just truly change your perception/actions in life are also new beginnings. They are all tiny beginnings that add up to a larger picture for your life. You never know how the tiny steps that you make towards living your dream, working out, being happier, or whatever it maybe can change the bigger picture of your life.

Sometimes You Have To Start Small.png

5.Getting in touch with your spiritual side, can also help you to feel as though you have a new beginning. Believing in something greater than yourself can open your horizons to starting a new beginning that you could have never imagined.  ( I found this to be true myself, in beliefs with Jesus Christ- I don’t judge if you believe in something different, that is just my personal belief). There has definitely been a new beginning, or awakening for me that I have never felt before.

Being SpirituallyAwakened.png

6. Starting over not only takes time, but you may also have to start over several times in your life. If you are honest with yourself in realizing that life is not a box of chocolates, no matter how much we wish for it to be perfect it never will be. If you can stop expecting perfection from yourself, and just love yourself for even your flaws and mistakes you can take it easier when you do have to start over. You may take it easier when you have to start over because you learn lessons, you may do it better the 2nd or 3rd time or however many times than you did the first time.  Be easy with yourself and be truthful with yourself don’t expect failures to where you don’t try but be okay when they do happen because they will happen.


7. Leaving behind habits, sometimes even people, places, or so -called friends may be necessary for new beginnings. However doing what is best for you in a healthy sense for your life, should never make you feel guilty. If something just isn’t doing anything for your life, or you have dealt with a lot of abuse or etc, do not ever feel guilty for wanting more out of life. Sometimes new beginnings require that we leave some old things behind in order to have  and be greater for ourselves and our purpose.  THAT IS OKAY!


8. Every day that you wake up is a new beginning. Every day that you are blessed to see another day, is a new day to wake up and do something differently. Seize the opportunity to do something different in each day.

Each Day Is ANew DayTo Start Over.png


The bottom line is that learning how to start over with a new beginning is not all the time the way that we think it is. A new beginning is truly what you make it. It is never too late in life no matter how old you are or what you have done to recreate something for yourself. You only have one life to live, so you might as well live it to the fullest, even if it means starting over 1,000 times.  There is a new chance for a new beginning each day you wake up, so wake up and start living.





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3 thoughts on “How To Start Over

  1. I am proof that it is possible to start over. I quit my job, sold my house and moved to a new city. It takes guts and planning, but my life is so much better!


    1. That is amazing Michele it does take a lot of courage, in order to do that. I am thinking about doing the same thing honestly. I am just trying to figure out where exactly I want to go lol. What made you decide to just start over?


  2. After that, you will need a time for yourself to relive the past and think again and again. Before letting go you must know why you’re letting go. Remember the past, Think about your mistakes, learn from the experience, get rid of the bad memories and keep the good ones..Now close the past and get ready to start. Now, you’re ready to face the world with the new you. Go out there and make it right this time. It’s a new chance in life. So, be ready for it. Trust yourself. Believe that you’ll get there soon. Just wait and see.


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