So You Need To Hear It’s Going To Be Okay?

So you need to know it’s okay? Does it feel like no matter what you do that things don’t seem to get better? Maybe it feels like you take 2 steps forward only to get knocked 10 steps back? Do you feel like you go above and beyond for everyone else yet they do nothing for you? Feeling alone?  angry?  like no one cares?

Well, you are not alone. There are thousands of people that feel this way everyday. There are people just like you wanting for someone to just reach out to them and let them know that everything is okay, and  that they are not the only one who feels like their life is falling apart.  Even though in the  it doesn’t seem like there is any let up, moments don’t last forever.

We all have many trials and tribulations that we face in our lifetime. These trials are ones that may feel as though they can either make or break us. For the trials and tribulations that feel as though they were breaking us these were the ones that made us feel like all hoped was  lost. There are crushing pressures of random life happenings that never seem to let up. The echoing of the problems we are facing brings about  a pain that has no masking.  Yet, we pretend that the pain doesn’t exist and we hide it behind a fake smile. A fake smile that says that we have it all together, yet we are crumbling inside.  We may be slowly crumbling inside yet no one even takes the time to notice that the pieces are slipping.




You just need to hear the words that everything is going to be okay.  Well, everything will be okay.  Everything continuously adding up , it feels as though your problems are like bees swarming all around you. There may be bills past due, someone you love sick in the hospital, child’s father not around, someone you love in prison, ungrateful boss, working a job you don’t really want, someone in your family heavily addicted to drugs, drawing in debt, lost with no direction, being stuck in the game even though you want out, fake friends, toxic family, insecurities, feeling like you don’t really fit in, pressures of homosexuality, discriminated and criminalized for the color of your skin, the mother longing to do more for her kids, the college dropout, the graduate from college with no career to show for it, the one traumatized from childhood, mentally unstable, a child who passed away.





The list goes on and on, of the things that we face on a daily basis. Everyone seems to be going through a multitude of life circumstances each and everyday.  It seems unfathomable that there is a world full of people, with similar problems you may be facing, yet you feel like no one is listening.

See the thing is that you are not alone, and even though you don’t feel like it, everything will be okay. Just look at how many times you overcame things you thought would never go away. Look at the moments that passed by, that in those moments you thought about it never passing by. There is a time and a place for all things, and there are some things that change that we cant control, but that doesn’t mean that we have to be empty and feel alone.




Right in the moment the pain may seem unbearable, the problem may seem unsolvable, the plan may seem unchangeable, the solution may seem impossible, the relief unnoticeable, but if you really look, you will find that these things do surely come to pass, if they are meant to be. It’s amazing how far faith will take you if you just choose to believe.



Even though the world seems to be grow colder, remember that there are still people in the world who believe enough to make a difference in your life and others. There are still people who care, and still have love in their hearts. There are still people who will tell you that everything is going to be okay.

If it doesn’t feel okay, at least remember that God will always make away.  Control what you can control, and then let everything else go. A lot of the things that we worry ourselves about, that we think are the end of the world, are the very things that we aren’t suppose to try to control in the first place.


Somehow everything that just seemingly works out. If you feel like its not going to be okay, remember in fact that things will be okay. It may not be right away when things get better, but if you hold on, things will get better.


If there is anything that you take from this, take the fact that everything will be okay, even if you have or haven’t heard it, I want to let you know that it will be. Remember that nothing last forever.

Here are a few things that you can do to just remember to take it a moment at a time

1.Pray- remember to pray about everything worry about nothing. Its amazing how much a good prayer can help your mind to relax

Image result for pray


2. Deep belly breaths- practicing deep belly breaths just as they do in yoga can help you to refocus your energy and get a clearer picture on the things that you are facing.


3.Journaling- Writing your problems or concerns down instead of trying to keep them in your mind will help to relieve some of the stress


4. Exercising- Being physically active can help release good endorphins in your mind, which could potentially make you forget what it was that you were thinking about to begin with.

Image result for exercise

These are not all the task that you could do to relieve stress but they are some. Here is another post that I did on 13 healthy ways to manage stress

Remember that everything has a time, everything has a end and a beginning.  Knowing that all things either come to an end or a beginning can help you to see if what you are thinking about is worth stressing over. Also, remember that stressing and worrying about stuff will do nothing to solve the problem.

EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY, even if it doesn’t seem like it in the moment.

Don’t give up!


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