What If You Had 8 Minutes To Live?

What if you had 8 minutes to live? What if you were in a situation were life was suddenly coming to a halt? What would you be thinking about? What would you want to do, say or be in that moment? To who would you say it to? What would you tell yourself in the last 8 minutes of your life? Would the things that you are worrying about today, be that important to you? Would you press yourself towards your dreams with everything that you have within you? Would you let go of the grudges, hurt, regrets, pain that linger from the past? Would you feel satisfied with your life where you are at? Could you see your life flashing before your eyes with what you should have, could have and would have done?



What would you have wanted to change in your life, if you could have done it before your last 8 minutes to live?

The truth is we don’t know when our time is coming, yet we casually stroll through life with limits. We may be in a situation in our lives were we have accepted the minimum, we have played it safe, we have given up, we have taken for granted, we have doubted, held back, feared, worried, and let life beat us up and control us.  In this world we have become cold to love and life.  We are not giving it our all, but yet expect life to hand us everything. We have given up on what is truly important and have replaced it with meaningless items.





But what if death was something that you faced suddenly, would it cause you to rethink how you see life? Why is that we can go through life, knowing that we are alive but never really feeling like we are living?   Do you think it’s because we think that death so soon wont happen to us? Do you think its because we are so consumed, distracted, dismayed by the  trials, tribulations, media, entertainment, and  materialism that we have lost sight of what life is truly about? Or maybe its the fact that so much havoc is going on in the world, so much negativity surrounding our minds that we just don’t know what to think or where to turn to?









What if you had only 8 minutes to live, would you see yourself doing anything different? You shouldn’t even wait until your dying day before you begin to look and question your life. You should begin to look at it now, and see if what you are doing is truly making you happy. Ask yourself if you are holding yourself back with the way that you thinking or living life today. Take the time to soak in the fact that we wont be here forever.  Look within yourself to see if you are living life that you would be proud of when you are facing death. Could you say that you gave everything?



If the things that you are holding against yourself or others wouldn’t be something that you are thinking about when you are facing death, start forgiving. If these things are stopping you from living life now, question yourself into where they are coming from and let go of them. Let go of them so that you can start living, so that you are not regretting and wishing what you would have done when death comes knocking.

The ugly but beautiful truth is that we will face death and we will have to be the ones pleased with the choices that we ourselves have made in our lives.  Make the choice to live life each and everyday, and understanding the importance of what living life is. Living life is not always about turning up, buying things, and negativity. Life is really only what you make it, so live life each day like it was your last day. Because chances are there would be a lot we would do differently if we knew it was our time to go. Find the joy in every moment, in everyday because it is there.




Don’t waste your life, because you only have one life to live.



How will you start living your life today? What would you do with your last 8 minutes to live?




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