Envisioning Your Dream





When we are dreaming big things for ourselves there can be a lot of people who will try to steal that from us. There will be things trying to tell us that we can’t make it, that we aren’t capable of doing what it is that we want to do for our lives.  Sometimes, the people who do this the most can be the ones that we love the most. However, no matter who tries to stop us from dreaming, we should never allow it TO actually stop us because we are the ones who are in ultimate control over our dreams.

There has been plenty of times that I have heard ” if your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough”, but maybe its not that they are  not big enough maybe there so big that its even hard for ourselves to believe in them. If we don’t believe in them ourselves whether how big or small, they will quickly fade away when people and things start to attack them.

The goal is to get yourself to believe in your dream so much that you think about it all the time.  You should get to the point of not only thinking about it all the time but also acting on it all the time.  You should get to the point of envisioning your dream so much that nothing that tries to shake it will win.

There is something about being so centered in your own universe that you are unshakeable.  You are so in a moment of focusing on yourself and envisioning your dream that you see nothing else in the world but that.  You are so centered and believing that your dreams can happen that even failure doesn’t scare you.

This is possible. It is possible to want for your life something so much greater than where you currently are, that you make up the decision to go after your dreams no matter what it looks like.  The dreams that you have for yourself you can accomplish, it may just require you to work at focusing more of you on you.  Sometimes we can feel bad for wanting to go for our dreams especially when the people around us try to make us feel bad about it, but we must realize that sometimes getting to our dreams requires leaving people behind, not taking all advice, and really be able to stand alone/firm for what we want for ourselves. It is not being selfish, to focus on you making the most out of your life. After all, you only have one life to live, so if you want to envision your dream and reach them, do it!




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