Staying True in a Untrue World

Staying true to you is getting harder to do in this day and age. There are so many pressures in the world that try to make you feel like who you are, what you do, what you have, isn’t good enough or you need to change it in some shape or form.  Everything has become what is trending and what is not.  If its not trending then its no good.  Then of course we have social media where everyone broadcast the glamorous parts of their lives.  The entertainment industry is thriving off of gossip, fashion is thriving off the hottest new looks, advertisers are thriving off of insecurities. Each one of these pressing on us their ideal image of what beauty, fashion, fame, materialism, career, and life at whole should be. The subliminal messages that we hear or see each and everyday from these things are making it harder and harder for us to simply stay true to who we are.  These messages may make us question who we are and what we are doing in our own lives.

Look at what some of these things are contributing in our society today. From a increase amount of bullying,  plastic surgery, photo shopping, sexism, racism and etc. These larger outlets in a sense play some portion of people questioning themselves, dilemmas, and views that are going on today. Some of the things that are circulating are not even true or realistic.

If you ask yourself how many woman have questioned their beauty because of seeing women that have plastic surgery and our photo shopped all over the internet, tv, and magazines?

How many people have questioned if they are truly living because they look at all the celebrities that are living lavishly?

How many people have questioned their dreams because someone told them that they can’t do it?

How many people have questioned who they are because the world in someway has told them that their not good enough?

Have you ever looked at something on social media and compared your life to theirs? Have you every felt like you weren’t were you needed to be? Have you ever listened to something or saw something that made you question what in the world you were doing with your life? Have you ever looked at your life and felt that you needed to change what you were doing to fit in with things around you?

Unfortunately, the sad reality is that many people think that they are not good enough because of these unrealistic standards that the world has. However, the key to overcoming this is to learn more of staying true to you.  Learning to stay true to you means that you are 100% confident in who you are that nothing can make you second guess or change that unless you want to.

Staying true to you requires that you know who you are.  You might say, ” I know who I am”, and you may but do you know yourself enough to feel comfortable in who you are no matter who likes it? Do you know yourself enough to be able to stand up for what you believe in, who you are, what you like, what you have, and anything else in your life if everything in the world was against it?

Why do we as people fall victim to the approval of others, world, or even standards? Why would we change who we are to make someone else like it? Why don’t we have the courage or the confidence enough to be able to stay true to ourselves even if it meant standing alone? Why do we value the acceptance of others more than the acceptance of ourselves?  Why is it so hard for people to stay true to themselves?

Is it because we as a society have come less on being in touch with our inner beings? Is it because we don’t take the time to get to know what we really want in life? Is it because we use  items to cover up how we truly feel inside. Is it because we don’t know what being true to ourselves actually is?

Staying true to yourself is one of the hardest but yet most rewarding things that you can do.   The reason why staying true to yourself is rewarding is because it gives you something that no one can take away…. PEACE! Staying true to who you are gives you a peace that keeps you grounded at all times.  The peace that you receive is one that will surpass any pressure of any one around you including family, friends, strangers, media and whatever else may try to get you to not believe in who you are.

We must take back the power that these different platforms have taken from us. We must start believing in who we are and what we are capable of doing.

Stay true to who it is you see yourself being, what you believe in, what you want to do with your life. Don’t look at someone else life and question your own because the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.


Best things to help you in staying true to you

1.Be Grateful

By being grateful for what it is you already have it will help you to stay true to where are in your life in whatever moment you may be in. If you have a spirit of gratefulness you will not be looking at what other people are doing in their lives, therefore making you not question yours.


2.Know who you are

Knowing who you are as a person, what you like, don’t like, and just every intimate detail about yourself. Knowing who you are is what gives you the strength to stay true to who you are. If you don’t know who you are start doing small exploration activities to get to know yourself more.  Things like meditating, or trying something that you never have can start you on the right track to getting to know yourself.


3. Realize that what you see is not always real

Remembering that not everything is what it seems can help you to stay realistic about what it is you are seeing. Remembering that people will only show what they want you to see. That person that looks happy, has it all together, may not really feel like that all the time. Things are meant to look good to try to get you to feel a certain way about it or yourself.  Knowing that its not always what it seems, can help you to stay true to what you do know is real… which is your life.



The truth is that we only have one life to live. The truth is that we can only be ourselves because ourselves are one of a kind. Staying true to you is the most important, fulfilling thing that you could ever do for yourself. You deserve to live your life the way you want it. You deserve to be happy in your life no matter who has something to say, or what the standards of the world are. If your life is the only life you have that you can live why would you give other things the power to change you or tell you your not good enough.

Staying true to who you are is the best thing that you could ever do for yourself. Start by making choices that make you happy. Start by sticking up for what you want no matter who likes it or not. Start speaking up when everything else tries to silence you. Start by being real enough with yourself that no one can try to tell who you are.


Staying true to you in a untrue world…. is not impossible.


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