Finding Yourself When You Seem Lost

Finding yourself now days get thrown out a lot but somehow when its thrown out its always used in the wrong context.  These sources throw out attempts to profess that whatever they are offering is the solution to finding yourself. Whether that be with a catchy commercial on tv, something on social media, food, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, school, work, church and plenty more of contextual avenues that surround us each day, hoping to persuade us to want to  find ourselves in one of the above things.

With all of these different sources coming at you on a multiple basis, its only apart of life that you will choose one if not more than one of these sources to go to “find yourself”. Say, for instance you decided that you would find yourself through drugs and alcohol. If you yourself are feeling lost, full of anxiety, angry, sad and a mix of other emotions, you may think or have thought that if you only had these maybe I can think straight.  If I could just get that one thing maybe just for a while I wont have to think about what it is your going through.  You don’t just have to use the bad examples of drugs and alcohol either, this can be done with any of the above, shopping, sex, food, working to much….. anything can be used as an attempt to cover what you feel inside, and to figure out who you are.


But see that’s how these things get us by  alluding our minds with subliminal messages to make us think that these things are the answer to our problems or that somehow you absolutely can’t live without it.  We talk ourselves into thinking doing something that says will help find ourselves somehow, so we go all in. However in the attempt to find ourselves with something outside ourselves we end up making ourselves feel more lost.

The world could tell us anything so that they can try to get anything and possibly if you let them everything from you. The truth is not necessarily  trying to use what the world says will help find ourselves but instead going back to why, where, what, how made us lose ourselves or feel lost within the first place.

Here is in article from the business insider talking about how big companies spent $109 billion dollars on advertising. My question then is if these companies collectively are willing to shell out this much on advertising they have got to be making double if not triple off of these ads. Plus if we look at the bigger picture we see they sell to us through our insecurities, emotions, habits and more, why do you think there is google tracking?

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Sometimes we think we have lost ourselves but it could be because we never found ourselves in the beginning. If you think about when you come into the world, you cant control who you were born to.  You grow up most of  your childhood being told what you can and  can not do.  Then on top of that you go to school for how many years, while being tugged in every direction trying to find what your missing.

So, tell me when does it ever seem like you have time to just do something alone, or had enough time to think about who it is you are on the inside?

Why do we say we want to find ourselves yet don’t take the time to find ourselves? Times without noise, distractions, opinions, pressures from the world, stereotype, status, and beauty to just simple be free.


Free to heal from the past

Free to be happy

Free to be courageous

Free to be goofy

Free to be beautiful no matter the size or color

Free to be whatever it is that makes your soul feel good within

Creating something from within that you don’t have to question and something that you know is real.

Finding yourself through getting to know yourself. The true self in which will not be complete without a foundation in Christ. He is the source of healing, freedom, power, peace, and more. He is the thing that you hold on to when your lost in the darkness of not knowing who you really are. You can hold on to belief in him to walk you into the light a path in which slowly reveals, transforms, restores who your meant to be.



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Few Steps In The Right Direction of Finding Yourself.

Know that you are worthy

You must be able to tell yourself that you are meant for more.  Admit your wrongs in life so that you can come to peace with the things hindering you from growing.   You have to be able to accept the good and bad about your life so that you can move on. Be able to be easy on yourself with knowing that you are not perfect, but even through imperfections you are still worth something. Filling yourself up with positive affirmations can motivate you to take the first step in making you a better you.

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Spend time with yourself

There are of  things that call for your attention. It could be work, school, family, friends, hobbies, and random occurrences that can keep you constantly busy.  If you don’t manage time properly these things will kill your time and before you know it you have no time for yourself. You have to spend time with yourself to rejuvenate and just taking the time to find yourself in having the time to do what you want for yourself. ( check out this article I did on managing your time HERE)


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Ask Yourself Questions

In order to know yourself you have to start asking yourself questions about things that you feel, encounter, like or don’t like and so forth.  Once we have subconsciously done something for so long it becomes a habit, and sometimes we don’t realize how much doing something effects everything in our lives that we do. Sometimes you have to step back and ask yourself why you do something the way you do, why you feel a certain way about something the way you do. By asking yourself hard questions you can get down to the root of what can be causing certain thoughts or behaviors that are making you feel lost. How you do this is, is up to you. Some suggestions could be through exercising, writing, drawing, just speaking to yourself in the mirror.  Ask intimate questions so that you can begin to know more intimate details about yourself.

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Not being afraid to jump out of your comfort zone

We hold ourselves back so much because we let fear control our desires that we have for ourselves. Don’t let fear or excuses stop you from trying something that you always wanted to.  How can you possibly find yourself when you are afraid to get outside of your box? How can you possibly know what you are capable of doing if you never try anything? Step out on faith and explore what more you can do.

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Start by finding yourself by forgiving yourself, forgiving others. Start by working from where you are and push to be a better you. See its a everyday process not a one in your done.  Finding yourself is journey through out life because we go through different seasons in life that may require us to find more of ourselves through these various seasons in life. We must be founded in truth, in God, in who we are against whats trying to prevent you from your true self. Let us not settle, let us not grow weary and give up but keep fighting for what is right. Keep fighting for yourself, your dreams, keep fighting for what you believe in, and who yourself becoming.


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2 thoughts on “Finding Yourself When You Seem Lost”

    1. Its a great thing to give ourselves to the ones we love, friends, and even in strangers. Sometimes I feel like the more I give the more I get spiritually sometimes to feel me up. We should do a collaboration


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