The Bond Of A Mother And Daughter

The bond between a mother and daughter can sometimes be one that flourishes or one that can slowly diminish over time with the strains of life against it. Todays Post is from a guest writer Judy Hinton with Quote Reel which is a great website full of quotes and small stories for anything you could encounter in life. There are quotes on life, happiness, inspiration, love, strength, moving on and so much more. This is definitely a go to site for great quotes that you may need from time to time. Below you will see the story that Judy wrote on a mother and daughter relationship.


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 The Bond Of A Mother And Daughter

By: Judy Hinton

On Mothers and Daughters


Every woman knows what it is like to be a daughter, and many of us go on to become mothers of daughters ourselves. But even if we don’t, we do know first hand about the deep bond that is formed between a mother and a daughter. After all, the first relationship we have in life is with our mother, and for me it was the deepest and strongest one of my whole life.


The relationship between mothers and daughters is often complex and filled with many contradictions. On the one hand there is a deep connection and closeness, but on the other hand there is the need for every daughter to separate from her mother in order to grow up and become an independent person. Usually there is no easy way to bridge these two extremes, and so most women I know have gone through times when their relationship with their mothers was strained. Sometimes there is open conflict and disagreement, especially during adolescence and early adulthood. But it’s important to find a way to heal these differences later in life, because the time we get to spend with our mother is precious.


I was very close to my mom until high school. I shared every secret with her, and made no important decision without discussing it with her first. Many of the girls my age were envious of me because my mom seemed to be much cooler than theirs. But then in high school that all changed, and I started keeping a lot of things to myself because I felt they were awkward to share. I also felt that I needed time to find my own way of figuring things out. Afterwards my mom told me she thought I didn’t need her anymore, and that she didn’t know how to reach me.


By the time I went to college, we disagreed on almost everything, and maybe that was a necessary process because it allowed me to learn a lot by making my own choices and learning how each choice, good or bad, shaped my life and forced me to take responsibility for who I wanted to be. Sometimes it would have been a lot easier just to listen to her good advice, but then I wouldn’t have had the benefit of learning as much as I did. And I also discovered there are some things that we just have different opinions about, and that I needed to be true to my own passions and preferences.


But luckily I eventually realized that I didn’t have to fight my mom about every difference in opinion, and that true confidence meant not having to defend myself against her criticism. It wasn’t easy to put that into practice at first, but I slowly got the hang of it by deciding to love her no matter what she said about my life and my choices. I think it took about five years of this, but she eventually became more tolerant and softened her criticism towards me.


During the last ten years of her life we came to a point of mutual understanding and respect that allowed us to be close friends again. I’m very happy about that time I got to spend with my mom and sometimes wish we could have gotten there sooner. But then I realize that everything she gave me was a wonderful gift, including the years of disagreement and criticism, because it all helped me to become the woman I am now. The love of a mother is truly the greatest love in the universe, because it brings us into this world and continues to guide us along our path for the rest of our life.


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“The love between a mother and daughter is forever.” (Found on Mother Daughter Quotes on Quotereel).





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