What Trump Can’t Do

There has been so much controversy and chaos over Donald Trump winning the presidential election in this years race. This race has been one of the toughest one yet for the citizens of America. It seemed as though people were really rooting for Hilary in this years election. The race came to a very close call with Hilary winning majority of the populations vote but Trump passing her with more electoral votes. This result  has left America in a shocking uproar as many were hoping that Trump was not elected. The stir of emotions that has come with this race hasn’t helped it either.  Why? Maybe, its all the claims of banning Muslims, or sending African Americans back to Africa that Trump has been claiming that has a lot of people on the edge of their seats.

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From the time this race began until now a lot of what America has seen is a underlying monster of racism.  Since the start of this we have scene several hate crimes  and messages spread throughout America that insist that the only way to make America great again is to remove all minorities. The announcement of Trumps win has sparked outrage from all angles of people.  Just within a couple days of this announcements there has been already several accounts of hate crimes all across the country as well as protest claiming Trump is ” Not My President”.  From Muslim Hijabs being pulled off their heads, cars being spray painted with hateful messages, Nazi symbols on abandoned buildings, and things being thrown at Muslims, Mexicans, and Africa Americans. Trump being elected president has many minorities afraid of what is to come during Trumps term.  It would seem that Trump has awaken the monster of racism that has been in hiding.

Image result for hate crimes from donald trump to minorities

Image result for hate crimes from donald trump to minorities



Image result for hate crimes from donald trump to minorities

Image result for hate crimes from donald trump to minorities


It seems as though his election has given false sense of security and courage to people that are racist to both physically and verbally express their hatred of minorities across the country. But yet we in America are still in denial that a race problem exist.  Donald Trump must slowly be realizing the major problem he has started with his words as he has removed his proposal for banning Muslims off his site. Is this a sign that Trump was just talking so that he could win votes or is this a sign of Trump realizing the heart of the issues he has stirred up in our country? Either or neither we can already see that Trump is second guessing the words he has already said to the masses.

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Image result for hate crimes from donald trump to minorities

The crazy thing to wrap your mind around is the statement that is displayed on Trump’s site after the election.

“We showed America the silent majority is no longer silent. Today, we created an America that WINS again. Today, we made our hopes, our dreams – our limitless potential – a reality. Today, we made history. Today, we created a government that is once again of, by and for the people.

Thank you, America. I will not let you down. I will always be your voice. I will always be your champion. Now it’s time to get to work – to unite, to prosper, to become stronger. Together, I have no doubt we have taken the first step to Make America Great Again!”

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He claims to be for the people, but yet what he fails to realize or realizes but doesn’t want to accept is the fact that minorities are apart of the “people” in this country. So how is he to claim to be for the people but is unwilling to accept ALL THE PEOPLE that makes this nation great. There are plenty of minorities who have done great things for this country. Yet sometimes in America we fail to acknowledge this substantial fact.

But nonetheless this is not an article on race or who is wrong or right. Today’s article is about TRUTH. Whether your willing to accept or see truth is up to the individual.  The thing about truth is that truth supports itself. The truth is no matter what Donald Trump says or how much ignorance is stirred up over this there are plenty of things that Trump can’t do that not many have mentioned.


What Trump Can’t Do

1.  Donald Trump Can’t-Be God

No matter if Trump has become president or not, he could never take the place of God. We have to remember that our hope has never been in what the president can do for us but in what God can do for us. No matter what Trump says or tries to do Trump can never trump GOD.

For God is the king over all the earth


2.  Donald Trump Can’t-Change who you are

Even though our president is changing doesn’t mean that changes who you are as a person. You still have a choice to be who it is that you want to be, and nothing or no one change that.


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3.  Donald Trump Can’t-Take Your Life

There are many afraid of what is to come but let us not forget that trump can not take your life. So live your life the way you want to live it to the best of your own ability. Remember also that this life is temporary but heaven is eternal.


4. Donald Trump Can’t Determine Your Future

Presidents do have a lot of say on laws and regulations but they don’t have control over your future. Even though there maybe various laws it doesn’t mean that they can stop your future. You still have control over you and your future. Remember that God has your future in his hands and he only wants what is best for you and Trump can not stop that.

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5. Donald Trump Can’t Solve Race Issues

Let us not forget that America has always had a problem with race issues before Trump was elected president. He himself is not responsible for it nor can he do anything about it The only way to solve the race issues in America is if we come together instead of being divided as a country.

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6.Donald Trump Can’t-Make us Unite

Trump can’t make us work together as a nation, he can say plenty of things that can divide us but we as a nation must come together and set our differences a side.

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Image result for black and white together


7. Donald Trump Can’t-Take away the most important things

Trump can make many claims about what he will or will not do for the country and the people in it, but even with his claims Trump could never take away the things that you have within you. Trump could never take away your happiness, laughs, smiles, tears, peace, or your morals and values.  He couldn’t take away the simple things that God blesses us with every single day.

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Image result for bible verse about storing your treasures in heaven


8.  Donald Trump Can’t Send you away

Despite Trumps claim on sending all black people  back to Africa he can not do that if you were born in America as an American citizen. Now he may be able to do something about the people who are here illegally but there is nothing that he can do about the black people that were born and raised here in America. So lets stop being afraid and do our research, also lets stop making jokes about getting deported back to Africa as if this is empowering our people at all.

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9. Donald Trump Can’t- Be a Advocate

Trump can never advocate for us and the things that we don’t like or agree with.   We have to be the ones to stand up for what we believe in. We have to take the time to learn the systems, learn what it is that we need as a country and figure out what we can   do in our communities to make the changes we wish to see. We have to realize that rioting, burning  flags, fighting, cussing, and taking it out on the next does nothing to solve the issues at hand. We must come together as individuals, as communities,  and  as a nation.

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10. Donald Trump Can’t- Control Your Perception

Trump can not control the way you think or look at life only you can do that. Sometimes the problems we face can seem worse or better depending on how you look at them. Change your perception and watch the world  around you change.



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11.  Donald Trump can’t -Tell you who you can love

Even though people their own opinions about gay couple, interracial couples or whatever he case may be it can not stop you from loving who it is you want to love. Trump can not say who it is you can love, so love who you want to love.

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The bottom line there are plenty of things that Donald Trump but there is even more that he can not do. We must let this bring us together and not push us apart. We must put our faith in God not in man. We must spread love and hope not fear. We must stop judging one another and instead respect  each others differences.

Do not let hate win.

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