Having Hope When Your Hopeless

How to have hope when your hopeless seems to be impossible when you are in fact hopeless. There are many reasons why we may come to a point in our lives that we just feel stuck, unhappy, unloved, angry, and not knowing where to go or what to do next. There are so many current situations in the world going on that could make us feel hopeless. From war, poverty, racial problems, unemployment, and these by far aren’t the only ones. We may have just lost someone that we love, we may have just lost a job, we may feel like we don’t have a support system, we may feel like we have no direction to go in, we may feel fearful of the things to come.

No matter what the reason maybe certain circumstances in our lives can have us feeling so low on the inside that we feel like there is no hope in sight. This is something that we have all experienced as human beings. We have all experienced times when you just feel like giving up on everything around you because your tired, hurt, confused, and hopeless.

However if we let being hopeless get to us we somehow end up dead on the inside, unplugged, and acting like a zombie to the life around us.

So, today I just wanted to give some words of encouragement for any of the people like myself who are feeling hopeless about life  or who have felt hopeless before about life.


adjective: hopeless
  1. 1.
    feeling or causing despair about something.
    “his situation was obviously hopeless”
    synonyms: despairing, desperate, wretched, forlorn, pessimistic, defeatist, resigned; More

    “she felt weary and hopeless”
    inadequate; incompetent.


Having Hope When Your Hopeless


1. Remember that Storms Pass

Although we can be going through a rough season in our lives doesn’t mean that it will last forever. We may not know how long things will last the way they are but we can at least put our hope in knowing that they wont last always.

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2. Change Your Perception

When we are looking at all of our problems, what is not going right, or even what we don’t have, we can tend to make ourselves a victim. We make ourselves victims subconsciously by the thoughts that we proclaim to ourselves on a daily basis We could be looking at it from a negative angle instead from a positive one, which could make the situation look worse than it is.

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3. Speaking Positive Things

Have you ever heard the saying that there is power within your tongue? Well, if you have it is true. The things that you speak over yourself somehow begin to come true over a period of time. It is sort of like the words you put out whether good or bad pull good or bad energy to you. So if you are constantly saying negativity out of hopelessness, you may continue to see, feel and even have negative things happening to you in your life. Speak good things over yourself and your life.

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4.Look For The Good

With so much negativity that is spread on social media, magazines, radio, and even tv can cause you to only see the bad in everything and everyone. Just remember that no matter how much darkness there is in life there is always light that surpasses it. Look at small things like laughter, the birds flying, the sun, and anything that you can search out for the good. Look for the good to give you hope that there is not all bad.


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These are just a few ideas that can help you rethink your hopelessness. Having hope in times of trouble is not always easy but with much effort and practice it will get easier over time. Remember that it takes less energy to think and do positive things then it does to do negative ones.

In order to change ourselves and even make changes in the world we must first start with HOPE.


Hope for more, Hope for greater, and most importantly put your Hope in God who is unfailing.

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